e.l.f Just Dropped A Line Of Watermelon-Infused Makeup & Skin Care That’s All Under $15

Courtesy of e.l.f cosmetics

No matter how much beauty lovers are willing to spend their coin on makeup and skin care, affordable beauty products will always receive a warm welcome. With the launch of e.l.f’s Jelly Pop Collection, shoppers can dive into a world of hydration for under $15. Yeah, you read that right.

The affordable brand is unveiling its long-awaited vegan and cruelty-free Jelly Pop line that is sure to be the hydration station for an at-home facial. According to a statement from e.l.f., the limited edition collection consists of color and skin care products that are all infused with watermelon. Essentially, wearers get a subtle splash of color in the form of a jelly-like formula.

Since this line is all about the “dew” in you, fans will be equipped to create some trendy, dewy, shiny looks with the help of products like the Jelly Pop Face & Eye Gloss, Juicy Gloss, Flush Blush, Dew Primer, Watermelon Jelly Cleanser, Water Gel Moisturizer, and a Stipple Brush to apply it all.

Think you’re ready for this jelly? All the products in the Jelly Pop Collection retail between $5 and $15, so feel free to go off with this line. Beauty lovers can shop the collection now on, Ulta stores, and

Here’s everything to expect in this watermelon jelly collection.

Jelly Pop Face & Eye Gloss In Creamsicle Pop

The Face and Eye Gloss is a multipurpose gloss to dew you up for a wet makeup look. Offering up a splash of glossy shimmer to the eyes or cheeks in the shades Icy Pop (a white gloss) and Creamsicle (the peachy gloss above), beauty fans can pick up this dewy moment in a jar for only $6 each.

Jelly Pop Juicy Gloss

This $5 Juicy Gloss by e.l.f. plays no games in its name. Each gloss contains hydrating properties with the help of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, and coconut oil. Lip care lovers can ensure their lips are plump, smooth, and non-sticky with a splash of color in the shades Apricot Pop (the orange shade), Grape Pop (the purple shade), Watermelon Pop (the pink shade), and Cherry Pop (the red shade).

Jelly Pop Flush Blush

The Flush Blush is exactly what it says it is. This $6 jelly formulated blush leaves behind a light sheen of color that melts into the skin with a fusion of ingredients like watermelon, argan oil, vitamin E and castor oil. Fans can shop the Flush Blush in either Peach Pop or Berry Pop (shown above).

Only one beauty utensil comes in this collection and it's included for user to apply both shades of the Flush Brush for an easier application. This cute Jelly Pop Stipple Brush retails for $8.

Jelly Pop Watermelon Cleanser

The Watermelon Cleanser does double duty to erase stubborn makeup with its gentle jelly formula while leaving your face hydrated after drying.

Jelly Pop Water Gel Moisturizer

Another skin prep product featured in the Jelly Pop line is this Water Gel Moisturizer. For an added layer of nourishment, fans can invest into the $8 moisturizer that features watermelon extract and castor oil.

Jelly Pop Dew Primer

E.l.f.'s Dew Primer in the Jelly Pop line is the product to ensure a shining face face put. With its glue-like grip to keep makeup stuck to your face, any wearer can enjoy a dewy face for hours at a time.

E.l.f.'s Jelly Pop Collection is just another testament to the fact that the dewy makeup look isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But how could it when dew is a mood that looks so good on every skin complexion?