Emilia Clarke's 'Game Of Thrones' Tattoo Idea Has Mother Of Dragons Written All Over It

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Fans everywhere might just be heading to their local tattoo parlor soon, because Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke wants a dragon tattoo and there's no way it won't be unbelievably cool. In an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Clarke revealed that she plans to get a tattoo to commemorate her experience playing Daenerys in the otherworldly HBO series. Given that the show has already finished filming for its final season (even though it won't end its HBO run until 2019), it's possible that fans might be seeing Clarke's fresh ink sooner rather than later.

In the interview with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, the topic of tattoos came up when Seacrest made a pointed joke about getting a tattoo, and Ripa piped in, "Are you really doing it?"

"Yes!" Clarke replied, adding, "Sorry, mom!"

Clarke was quick to add that she already does have one tattoo (of a bee on the knuckle of her pinkie finger) but that this tattoo would be on the inside of her left forearm. "I'm going to get a dragon, sort of flying away... like a little kind of 'peace out' [to the show]."

Given that Clarke has been playing the role of the dragon queen for over six years now (the show began in 2011), it seems pretty fitting that she would pay permanent homage to those mystical beasts.

But Clarke's public announcement to get a Game of Thrones tattoo isn't the only thing she's said lately that's stirring up conversation among fans. In the cover story for Vanity Fair, Clarke talked briefly about her experience filming Daenerys' final scene in the show, saying that it "f*cked her up". Clarke added, “Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is ...”

Knowing how seriously gruesome and messed up Game of Thrones has been in the best, arguably pushing the limits for a television show, it's safe to say that the sky is the limit for what could happen in this final scene.

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As for Clarke, her Game of Thrones tattoo might commemorate the shows' impact on her, but there's no doubt that her legacy as an actress will extend beyond the fantasy series. Since catapulting to fame through the show, Clarke has moved into different roles, even transitioning into similarly massive franchises like Star Wars.

Beyond that, Clarke spoke openly about her desire to create documentaries and to do good for others in her Vanity Fair interview. "[Shining a light on underserved causes] is the sh*t that gets me going personally," she said.

That’s something I have in common with Daenerys ... I really feel for people and I want to help them. Not to sound too much like Oprah Winfrey ... F*ck that, I’m gonna sound like Oprah and I’m going to be proud of it.
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According to Vanity Fair, Clarke was originally cast as Daenerys in Game of Thrones after producers Dan Weiss and David Benioff changed their minds about some of the cast roles (Tamzin Merchant was originally set to play the role). According to Weiss and Benioff, in an email exchange with Vanity Fair, Clarke was the only actress who could “carry the full range that Daenerys required." They added, "Young actors aren’t often asked to play a combination of Joan of Arc, Lawrence of Arabia, and Napoleon.”

Daenerys is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest on-screen female badasses in the game — but it seems likely that Clarke will continue to champion innovative, complex roles as an actress. In her Vanity Fair interview, she was quick to point out that she negotiated the same salary as all of her male co-stars ($300,000 per episode, which reportedly jumped to $500,000 per episode for the final season).

"I get f*cking paid the same as my guy friends,” Clarke said. “We made sure of that.”