Emma Roberts Just Went Blonde For The End Of Summer

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's never too late to squeeze in a new summer look, as one certain actress just proved. Emma Roberts' blonde hair is the perfect summer crop, where it's all sandy and piece-y, making her look like she's ready to hang out by the beach until it's Pumpkin Spice Season again. Roberts doesn't stick to one hair color too long, which is why it comes as no surprise she decided to drastically change it on a whim.

She has been a brunette, blonde, and even a red head — meaning the only looks she hasn't really experimented with are pastels — and who knows, maybe those are around the corner, too. She did recently try out rose gold, so we know she's open to being adventurous. This time, though, she went from a rich, chocolate brown that hit her around her shoulders, to a light blonde bob. "The Scream Queens star’s new look has us seriously rethinking our plans to go darker and richer with our hair color come fall," Teen Vogue reported.

According to Allure, Roberts gets all her hair transformations with her long-term stylist, Nikki Lee of Nine One Zero salon. Lee unveiled the actress's new look on her own Instagram page, giving fans a sneak peek to the transformation.

"In the Instagram post, we see a time-lapse video of Roberts getting her hair done," Allure reported. "Though she already starts out with fairly light locks, the team at Nine One Zero lightens her up even further with some color correction." After the dye job, the team cuts and styles Roberts' hair into a beachy, piece-y bob that will have you reaching for your own scissors.

If you want to copy Roberts' look yourself and go blonde, there are a few things you can do afterwards to make sure your bleached hair stays healthy. The first is to get a filter for your shower head. "Blonde hair has had more chemical processing and it becomes more porous, and more porous hair is more receptive to mineral build up from the water in the shower," Meredith Morris, stylist, colorist, and owner of MAVEN Beverly Hill, shares with Bustle. "Everyone should be washing their hair in a shower that has a water filter."

Another thing you should gear yourself up for is to get regular trims to keep your hair from splitting. "I recommend my clients get their haircuts every eight weeks, and for clients that I am 'rehabbing' their dead hair, I have them come in every four weeks for a microtrim," Morris explains. Another must-do is to invest in quality products. While it might sting buying 20 dollar shampoo and then another 25 dollar conditioner, those products will ensure that your color stays on longer and that your hair receives the care it needs.

Keep these tips in mind and go ahead and channel Roberts for the end of the summer — it's always fun going blonde!