Emoji Sheet Masks Are The Next Insta-Worthy Skincare Craze

Skincare is going digital… sort of. K-beauty sheet masks are a massive skincare trend. For me, sheet masks transform skin care from a chore and necessary part of my daily routine into something to which I look forward. Petite Amie's Emoji Series sheet masks are next level and totally Instagrammable!

The brand offers six emoji sheet masks, each of which are $10, perform a specific skin function, and the packaging and masks themselves are printed with some of the most popular avatars that we use in our daily digital communication.

OMG, these are too freaking cute and expressive. As Allure notes, the Happy Sheet Masque will put a smile on your face, regardless of your actual mood.

So, yeah, you basically recreate an emoji with your sheet mask, all the while delivering nutrients and hydration to your face.

Since sheet masks are crazy popular, Petite Amie has found a way to stand out from their peers and to cut through some of the sheet mask ether. Many K-beauty products enjoy cult status and beauty culture encourages users to share images while wearing or applying their fave products on social media. The Emoji Series sheet masks are brilliant because they are instantly Insta-worthy.

Here's what the Cooling Masque actually looks like! Seriously — imagine it on your face. It demands to be Tweeted, Insta'ed, and Facebook'ed.

The same can be said for Chillin'. These are the most expressive and digitally-minded sheet masks.

There's Love, which is suitable for all skin types. It boosts skin and mood, brightening your day in multiple ways.

Scream gives extra lift to your skin and features the hands-to-the-face emoji.

Blush is, well, cheeky, and is designed to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.

The Cooling Masque features the red-faced, angry emoji… which is is how your skin might feel after sun exposure. This sheet mask was created to calm and cool skin, while reducing redness, post-sun.

The Happy Masque is infused with hyaluronic acid, for a deeply moisturizing experience.

The Chillin' Masque brings instant, intense hydration.

Thanks to Petite Amie for making sheet masks that allow you to truly express yourself.