This New Haircare Line In Boots Is *Fully* Customisable & It's A Game Changer

by Lollie King

Have you ever felt truly lost with your skincare and haircare regime, feeling like nothing really works well or nothing helps any of your concerns? What could be someone's holy grail might not do anything for you. People then end up forking out huge sums of money in the pursuit of something that actually works. Sometimes the cycle seems endless. But it's 2019 and finally there are some brands that are realising that especially with beauty, a one size fits all policy won't do Now Emulsion Cosmetics is launching in Boots and if you struggle to find products that work for you, this could be a goer.

If you aren't already familiar with Emulsion Cosmetics they are proving themselves to be a pretty powerful force in the beauty world and you won't forget them in a hurry. They say "through our wide range of products and Add-ons you can find the right blend for you, beginning with our core set of Bases and adding the perfect boost. If you’re having a bad hair day, suffering dry skin from the change in season or air-con, whatever it is, simply choose a Base, mix in one or more of the Add Ons, and personalise your care."

This customisable beauty range means that each individual product is catered to your needs. Finally something that will actually work. On the site you can input whether you prefer your skin to be cleansed, massaged, or moisturised and then what your skin type is. Then you can create your mix by choosing your base, adding an essential blend, then adding a fragrance and if you fancy adding an exfoliant. It is honestly unreal and this stuff really works.

But Emulsion Cosmetics haven't just stopped at the skincare, their latest customisable hair care range will leave your hair shiny and radiant and you'll be able to get your hands on it in Boots from July 22 The founder of Helen Bannayan says:

"We’ve created the ideal capsule wardrobe… your hair needs and condition can differ from day-to-day, so we wanted to offer products you can tailor at home. No matter the concern you want to target, creating your perfect blend has never been so easy."

This range lets you choose between four bases — shampoo, conditioner, aqueous serum, or oil serum — and then add an essential blend specifically for your hair concern. So if your hair is a little lack lustre, add a blend for hydration. The final step is adding a fragrance from grapefruit and bergamot to raspberry and black chamomile. This is salon quality at home and to be honest, I am so here for it. Gone are the days of using sub par hair and beauty products that aren't tailored to your specific needs.

Emulsion Cosmetics are seriously looking to the future with this customisable beauty range. From the July 22 this range will be available nationwide at Boots, and it's available in Boots Covent Garden until then. This is a range your hair will thank you for. You can thank me later.