This Brand Used Interpretive Dance To Show Their Sweats Are THAT Comfy

As the temperatures begin to drop and you start transitioning into fall, you're also probably pulling out all your favorite (albeit overused) sweats from previous years, because let's face it — investing in cozy clothes may seem like a stretch for your budget. But if Entireworld’s interpretive dance campaign can’t convince you to upgrade your sweatshirt and sweatpants game, who knows what will.

If you’ve been sleeping on the Entireworld brand (offers sizes XS-XL), the online retailer provides quality basics to let you live in luxe comfort. To prove its mission of coziness and mobility in its products, the brand unveiled a campaign that’s equal parts weird and enticing. Uploaded to its Instagram page, Entireworld shows a series of interpretive dance videos of people moving around in awkward ways, dancers jumping and hugging on top of one another, and a lot of tumbling on the floor all while wearing the brand’s sweat sets.

Per a press release from Entireworld, the dancers in the videos are from Los Angeles-based Jacob Jonas The Company. The concept for the actual campaign was derived from Entireworld’s creative team and the brand’s creative director and founder Scott Sternberg, who’s a CFDA award-winning designer, directed and scored the videos for the campaign.

The new collection for fall is already online at where prices start at $15. Not only can you expect chic and cozy sweats, but you can also find ribbed knits, oversized shirts, tiny sweaters, and more. If these interpretive dance videos have swayed you into nabbing cool knits, here are some other picks from the lineup.

Entireworld Cozy Brushed Sweatpants

The star of the campaign is this sweat set that comes in almost every color you can think of. Fans can shop the sweatshirt that's hefty with layers of cotton to keep you warm in a crewneck silhouette. And you can mix and match with the fleece-lined jogger style sweatpants.

Entireworld Stripe-y Tiny T

Entireworld offers a series of Ts in short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and sleeveless options. The Tiny T in particular is designed with a more narrow shoulder seam to let the fabric sit better on your torso. Don't be fooled by the stripes, these tees come in solid colors, too.

Entireworld File This Brief Under Bikini

This wouldn't be a collection of great basics without undergarments. Entireworld has tanks, camis, and bikini bottom briefs to hold you down in comfort. These bikini bottoms are just as soft as the other 100% organic cotton picks in this roundup. Leaving out elastic and other artificial ingredients, these briefs are good for your booty.

Entireworld A Damsel in Dis Dress Shirt Dress

A dress as versatile as this one already makes it a look to kill. Shoppers can snag this organic cotton dress for $125. And while the price is on the higher side of the fall collection, it's so wearable, you can adjust it to fit your style any time of the year.

Entireworld Collarless Crop Shirt

The collarless crop shirts are a staple in any lazy dresser's closet. The crisp silhouette is a timeless piece with its puffer sleeves and button-up detail. Not to mention, it's made out of organic cotton.

Entireworld Tiny Sweater

If you're looking for a warm sweater that's softer than canoodling with a baby lamb, the tiny sweater is your new best friend. Made with 100% superfine wool, you'll be snug like a bug. Plus, it also comes in blue, mustard, brown, and army green.