This Water Bottle Literally Glows When It's Time For You To Take A Drink

According to the internet, pretty much every problem in your life can be solved by drinking water. While obviously this attitude isn't wholly accurate, it's true that staying hydrated is key, and can improve a lot of other areas in your life. The issue is remembering to stay hydrated. Even if you keep a water bottle with you, it can be difficult to remember to actually drink from it. A new bottle hopes to make it a little easier — specifically, a new water bottle that glows to remind you to drink.

The EQUA Smart Water Bottle makes remembering to stay hydrated simple by lighting up around its base when you need to drink some water. The light is more subtle than any kind of alarm, but will definitely still get your attention.

The bottle is the work of the team of industry veterans at EQUA. The Slovenian-based company has been releasing couture water bottles for eight years, but according to their site, this newest addition tho the lineup is the company's first foray into mixing utility with technology. See, not only does the bottle light up when you should drink water, it knows when to light up because you can sync it with an app on your phone.


In a press release, EQUA describes the Smart Water Bottle as "smart in itself," and that it's meant to "offer a break from the constant barrage of notifications we receive each day." When you need a little hydration, "a ring of light at the bottom of the canister will glow. And, if you aren’t sure whether or not you’re keeping up with your daily hydration goal, a gentle tap on the bottle will reveal how well you are doing with a slow glow if you’re on track or a quick glow if you need to catch up."

Along with being *so* cute, the appeal of the bottles lies in the hydration assistant developed to work with it. When you first purchase the bottle, you can input your height, weight, and activity level to have the hydration assistant determine how much water you actually need in a day. It takes the information and creates a personalized hydration plan for you to follow, and transmits the vital information through the app on your smartphone. It should also be noted users can change the color and strength of the light on the bottle — nobody wants to interrupt a meeting or a class.


The bottles come in three different colors: black, white, and pink. Each bottle is 23 ounces and double-insulated, allowing it to keep drinks cold for 12 hours, and warm for 24 hours. Each bottle is made of "a combination of light and durable stainless steel," and finished with a marble top.

Anze Miklavec, co-founder and CEO of the company is excited about the newest release. "EQUA is the culmination of eight years of customer feedback, research and design innovation, and we’re thrilled to see it come to fruition," Miklavec said in a press release. "Offering a personalized, no-fuss hydration plan in a premium, stylish package, EQUA makes it simple for users to build the healthy hydration habits they deserve."


EQUA has previously conducted two successful Kickstarter campaigns: one for the GOAT mug, and one for the GINA Coffee Instrument. The former is a horn-shaped portable coffee mug. The latter is a coffee-brewing device that employs Bluetooth technology as a scale, and is able to brew with both a pour-over and immersion drip.

If you want to be the first to snag the latest innovative receptacle, you don't have to wait long. You can preorder the bottle on its Kickstarter starting May 22 for $48 (that's down from $84 normally).