Erika Jayne's "XXPEN$IVE" Music Video Is Whoa

If the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies couldn't deal with Erika Jayne's (aka Erika Girardi) first slew of music videos, just wait until they see Erika Jayne's "XXPEN$IVE" music video. Fans watched her film the video in RHOBH Season 7 and it finally dropped on Feb. 14. Really, there is no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your friends or your significant other than with Jayne's new video, which is totally on fire.

It is far from anything you may think a Housewives video should be, but who ever said a Housewife had to fall under certain criteria? Jayne never said that, nor would she ever follow society's so-called rules of how a woman should act or carry themselves. That's why I admire her so.

It's no surprise that Jayne channels sex appeal and embraces every inch of her body in "XXPEN$IVE." That's just who she is. The video showcases the Bravolebrity in barely any clothes (and she totally rocks it) on a bed, in a bathtub, and dancing it up with both male and female dancers. If anything, by video's end, you'll probably find the song stuck in your head and you'll obviously want to become Erika Jayne.

With that, here are just a few highlights from the video that will most likely make your mouth drop open and utter at least once, "Dayum."

The Bathtub Scene

A bath never looked so sexy and glamorous.

"Pat The P*ss"

Her famous move.

Whipping The Hair

Get it, Erika.

She's Definitely Flexible

She truly embraces her dance moves.

A Money-Filled Pillow Fight

Yeah, she totally sticks out her tongue, too.

Slapping The Butt

As she sings, "Gonna eat this ass like smack smack."

And Here She Is Pulling A Kyle Richards

Now there are two RHOBH stars who can flawlessly do a split.

Here is the video in its entirety for your viewing pleasure.

Yeah, "XXPEN$IVE" is one music video Jayne just might have a hard time topping.