Eva Longoria's New Baby Name Sounds Just As Strong As She Is

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you haven't already heard by now, Eva Longoria welcomed her first child into the world on Tuesday, June 19, alongside her husband, José Bastón. For all the readers inevitably wondering about Longoria's new baby name, look no further than the actor's incredibly sweet announcement post, which she dispensed out onto the internet via HOLA's Instagram account. So, what did Longoria and her beau end up naming baby No. 1? According to the announcement post, Longoria's son's name is Santiago Enrique Bastón. Has quite a ring to it, no?

"Say hola to #EvaLongoria's son Santiago Enrique Bastón!" HOLA's Instagram caption reads, alongside an electric-blue heart emoji. The caption goes on to celebrate Longoria's first official day of motherhood, and mentions that the Instagram post's accompanying photo is the first of her new baby.

And, speaking of that photo — as if the baby name announcement wasn't exciting enough all on its own, it accompanies a close-up shot of Longoria and her infant enjoying what looks like some super blissful one-on-one time, conceivably not too long after the delivery. Suffice to say, as far as wholesome content is concerned, it probably doesn't get much purer than this. Need some convincing? Feel free to head on over to HOLA's Instagram account, where social media users have been virtually swooning (by way of the post's celebration-laden comments section) about the exceedingly touching shot for the better part of the last eight hours or so.

Per HOLA's truly heartwarming announcement, Longoria reportedly confirmed her son's birth exclusively to the publication, in addition to sharing the news of the baby's freshly-minted moniker. According to the magazine's accompanying report, published early Wednesday morning, June 20, little Santiago Enrique was born Tuesday night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. In addition to sharing the news of their son's name, Longoria and Bastón also provided HOLA with a quick statement about how they're feeling. Unsurprisingly, it sounds like the married pair is over the moon. "We are so grateful for this beautiful blessing," Longoria and Bastón reportedly told HOLA.

As exciting as it is to learn of Santiago Enrique's birth — and this certainly doesn't make it any less exciting — it's worth mentioning that, as far as parenthood goes, this really isn't Longoria and Bastón's first rodeo. As HOLA's report mentions, the two have already been co-parenting (to a certain extent, at least) for some time now. Prior to tying the knot with Longoria back in 2016, Bastón was already a father to three children — Mariana, Natalia, and José — from his previous marriage to Mexican actor Natalia Esperón.

Judging by Longoria's comments to HOLA back in March, it sounds like the actor has held a pretty sizable role in the kids' lives these last couple of years. At the time, she still had a few months to go before little Santiago Enrique was due to arrive, and the magazine wanted to know more about her journey toward motherhood. To that, Longoria replied, "We have three children already. I have three stepchildren so it's not like it's anything new," though she made sure to add that her and Bastón "are enjoying it" nonetheless. "It" being, conceivably, the frenzied excitement that tends to accompany the imminent arrival of any tiny bundle of joy.

And, if Wednesday's reports are any indication, it seems like the happy parents of four are still enjoying it. At this point, exactly how Santiago Enrique got his name remains a bit of a mystery, though perhaps the middle name might have something to do with Longoria's dad, whose first name is also Enrique. But regardless of its significance, the fact that Santiago Enrique is simply a fantastic name (for an infant, no less!) is a truth that's pretty hard to argue with. He'll have to grow into it, sure, but that certainly doesn't negate its fierceness, by any means. Plus, his mom is Eva Longoria, so it seems pretty safe to say he won't have too much trouble living up to it.