Evan Peters Won't Return For 'AHS' Season 9, But Here's Why Fans Shouldn't Panic

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the many intriguing aspects about American Horror Story is that it allows many of the same actors to return each season playing new and challenging characters. But it seems now, after eight years, one of Ryan Murphy's key stars has decided to take a break from the franchise — at least for a little while. During an interview last week with Extra at WonderCon, Evan Peters revealed he won't be in Season 9 of AHS when the series comes back in the fall.

“I’m gonna sit a season out,” he stated, when asked about his involvement in the upcoming season. That's a pretty significant pronouncement to make, considering that Peters has appeared in every single season of American Horror Story since its series debut back in 2011. He's lived in a Murder House, taken to an Asylum, assisted a Coven, joined a Freak Show, checked into a Hotel, visited Roanoke, ran a Cult, and experienced an Apocalypse. Needless to say, he's served as a key cog in Murphy's well-oiled machine or horrors, so it feels strange (if not downright impossible) to envision the show without him in it. And yet that's something fans will be forced to do when Season 9 makes its grand debut.

FX has yet to confirm Peters' departure from the series, but given that the actor himself was the one to comment on his upcoming participation (or lack thereof), it's pretty safe to assume this news is legit. The good thing is that this doesn't appear to be an indication that he'll remain gone from all future seasons.

At the end of Season 4's Freak Show, Jessica Lange announced that she was leaving AHS on a permanent basis. She ended up returning in Season 8 to reprise her Murder House role as Constance Langdon, but in general, she's no longer one of the main stars in the AHS universe. Her departure sent fans into an uproar, who had come to view her as a vital piece to Murphy's horror puzzle, which is why it'll be a shame to lose Peters, even if it is only for a temporary break. (We'd say he's earned it.)

Thankfully, the actor won't be away from both the small and big screen for long. Peters stars in Murphy's other FX series, Pose, which is slated to return for its second season in June. He also will reprise his role as Quicksilver in this year's X-Men film, Dark Phoenix. So while he may be gone from AHS, you'll still be seeing plenty of him in the months ahead.

Not much else in known about the upcoming season of American Horror Story aside from that AHS vet Emma Roberts will return alongside Olympic skier and AHS newcomer Gus Kenworthy. (Their characters will apparently be dating.) In regards to the Season 9 theme, however, we're all still being completely kept in the dark. But one thing seems certain — whatever the season may center around, Peters will not be apart of it.