Everlane Now Lets You Pick How Much You Pay For Sale Items

by Kali Borovic

You go to a website, you pick your item, you add it to your cart. Pretty much everything but the actually buying part is done for you. Well, this brand is giving you even more control. Everlane now has a choose your price options, so you can decide exactly what you're paying. It might sound too good to be true, but it's really just transparent shopping at its' finest.

When you buy an item online, you're likely paying for more than just the item. Cost of production, distribution, and paying workers is often factored in as well. That is stuff that you normally have no control of — until now. Everlane created an entire section of backstocked items that you can choose the price of. Yes, really.

Each item in the section has three options — buying the item for what it's worth, giving the brand 10 percent to the brand for development, shipping, and to pay the team, or to give the brand 20 percent for all of that plus money for them to create even more items.

This is transparent shopping, my friends. The brand tells you exactly where your money is going, and you get to decide what you're comfortable with.

Not everything on the website it price-picked by you. Everlane picks the products that are up for grabs, and you get to pick the price. According to People Style, the items chosen are backstocked, which means the brand got a little too excited and bought more than it was able to sell.

The section of the brand picked 121 items in the better-than-a-sale section of the website. Think: everything from sweaters and dresses to mules and handbags for three different pricing options. Heck, there are even a few pajama styles thrown into the mix as well. There's something for every single season, too. Not just summer.

Bustle reached out to the brand to see how long the section will last and if more styles will be added into the mix. Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of an even more transparent shopping experience overall. Imagine knowing exactly where your dollars were going from every single brand out there.

Everlane is not new to this type of transparency. Although the brand is one of the first to actually let customers choose what they pay, it constantly goes out of its way to make people feel comfortable buying. In the product description of every single item you can actually see where the item is made. As in, you can virtually tour the facility and learn more about where your clothing is being made.

On top of that, it also shares the exact blend of materials used to make the item, what height the model is, and what size that she is wearing. If you're still not comfortable buying, you can email a special address that will tell you even more about the fit of the item and answer any questions that you might have. This is how fashion should be — transparent, comfortable, and made to matter.

As of June 12, only women's items are available in the choose your own price section. The sizing isn't as inclusive as possible, but the brand does offer 00 to 14 in pants, XXS to XL in tops, 00 to 12 in dresses, and five to 11 — including half sizes — in shoes.

Will you choose to buy the item for the lowest you possible can? Or will you opt to pay the fair price, where everyone gets paid for their efforts? Ultimately, the choice is yours. Everlane doesn't have to live with your purchase — you do.