Every Piece In Madewell's Spring Collection

I'm calling it: January is the least fun month of the year. The holidays are over, it's cold AF, and spring feels so, so far away. Plus, it's around the time when we all realize we are sick of our winter clothes and start dying for something new to wear. Thankfully, Madewell's Spring 2017 line is here to save us.

Madewell's pieces are the kinds of things you actually want to wear — they are chic, comfortable, and shamelessly easy to put together. Need a great pair of jeans for under $150? Head to Madewell. A sweater you're never going to want to take off? Madewell. Basic tees, tanks, or button downs that will last for years? Yup, you guessed it — Madewell.

Shop Here For The Madewell Spring 2017 Collection

I always joke that if I could pick one brand to sponsor my life (... no one's asked yet), it would be Madewell. The brand's spring collection is full of classic pieces like whitewashed denim, cotton blouses, and cozy sundresses, and also features tons of on-trend items like off-the-shoulder tops, jumpsuits and gingham. Basically, I want all of it, especially the pink pinstriped leisure suit.

Since we could all use a little Spring inspiration to get us through the miserable month that is January, here is every look from Madewell's Spring line, which will be on sale in store and online on Tuesday, Jan. 24. Only 63 days until spring! (That's depressing).

1. Springy Skirt

Patch Pocket Military Jacket, $118; Rae Tunic Top, $110; Trench Ruffle Mini Skirt, $69.50; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50; Double Arc Wire Earrings, $18; Beaded Disc and Neck Pendant, $45

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2. Seersucker Suit

Hi Fi Shrunken Pool V. Beach Flocked Tee, $35; Wide Leg Crop Jeans In Layla Stripe, $135; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50; Beaded Necklace And Disc Pendant, $45


3. Dream Dress

Willow Multicolored Sleeveless Embroidered Dress, $158; Outstock Lace Up Sandal, $64.50

You know those dresses you don't ever want to take off all summer long? Yeah, this is one of them.

4. Short Jorts

Blossom Blouse With Blue Applique, $118; High Rise Sailor Short, $75; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50

If there was a such thing as "office appropriate jean shorts," these would be them.

5. Ladysuit

Eyelet Blouse With Scallopped Hem, $98; High-Rise Twill Short With Raw Edge, $65; Cropped Army Jacket, $110; Elise Ankle Strap Flat, $98; Where I Was From Bandana, $18.50; Indio Sunglasses, $55

Think pink. And cream. And blue.

6. Casual Culottes

Hi-Rise Cropped Wide Leg Pant, $88; Braided Tassel, $38; Helene Pom Pom Ankle Wrap Sandal, $110; Delicate Charm Necklace, $32

If your Coachella style and your cubicle style had a baby, this would be it.

7. Gauzy Dress

Primrose L/S Tunic Dress In Pink, $135; Rupy Y/D Stripe Jacq. Cape Scarf, $55; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50

Who says your summer clothes can't be just as cozy as your winter ones?

8. Casual Chic

Belted Ecru Shortall, $118; Vacation Graphic Tank, $32; Shrunken Workwear Jacket In Poppy Stripe, $98; Racquel Criss Cross Sandal, $59.50; Simple Pouch Cross Body Bag, $98

I honestly can't decide what piece in this photograph I want more — the t-shirt, the overalls or the button down.

9. Seersucker Situation

Central Tie Back Shirt In Red Stripe, $69.50, PJ Cropped Pull On Culotte In Light Oxford, $49.50; Washed Bandanas, $12.50

It's. Just. So. Good.

10. Westworld Style

Pajama Top in Zebra Party Print, $118, Washed Bandanas, $12.50; Madewell x Biltmore Panama Hat, $58; Adidas Stan Smith, $75


11. Beach Bum

Charlie Whisper Scoop Tank In Tropical Souvenir Graphic, $19.50; Rivet And Thread Retro Straight Jeans, $198; Adidas Stan Smith, $75; Indio Sunglasses, $55; Double Arc Wire Earrings, $18; Beaded Necklace And Disc Pendant, $45

*Goes to California once, dresses like it for the rest of the season*

12. Parisian Style

Cyndi Back Knot Simple Stripe Tee, $49.50; High Rise Shorts in Pure White, $69.50; Washed Leather Moto Jacket, $498; Silk Bandana, $49.50; Johnny Sunglasses, $65

You can totally wear your moto-jacket all year round.

13. Spring Fling

Kaia Shirt in End On End, $79.50; Sandra Silk Wrap Ruffle Mini Skirt In Country Floral, $88

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

14. Midi-Dress

Magdalena Wrap Dress in Country Floral Print, $168; Jean Jacket in Pinter Wash, $118; Headliner Flash Sunglasses, $55; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50

A whole new way to wear your jean jacket. (Which, by the way, you can customize on

15. All Gingham Everything

Anita Tank in Blue Gingham, $59.50; Venice Tiered Ruffle Gingham in July Check, $79.50; Vans x MW Authentic Gingham, $60; Ring And Cord Necklace, $38

Those shoes tho.

16. Blue's Clues

Perfect Jean Short With Destruction, $64.50; Beaded Neck And Disk Pendant, $45

Looks like your off-the-shoulder tops will be sticking around for another season, folks!

17. Denim Tuxedo

Denim Tie Waist Shirt, $75; Slim Boyjean in Walton, $128; Batik Diamond Scarf, $39.50; Briona Criss Cross Sandal, $148; Cut Out Enamel Earrings, $45

Denim + Denim = YASSSS

18. World's Greatest Jumpsuit

Oilsuit in Weathered Pink, $148; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50; Embroidered Graphic Sticker Patch, $15

This is literally the best article of clothing in the history of clothing. THOSE PATCHES!!!!!

19. White Overalls

Cropped Overalls, $158; Smith Striped Sleeveless Sweater, $65; Beaded Neck And Disk Pendant, $45; Tassel Mix 2-Pack Bracelet, $18; Briona Criss Cross Sandal, $148; Lucena Round Shopper Basket Large, $60

Who knew your 3rd grade art teachers uniform would turn into your grown up style inspiration?

20. Ripped Denim

Fleur Embroidered Top, $98; Slim Straigh Ankle Crop With Ripped Knee, $145; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50

Perfectly distressed knees without having to fall flat on your face to get them is always a plus.

21. Private Eye Sweatshirt

Zinna Crop Top in Bahama Stripe, $49.50; Hyacinth Stripe Side Button Midi Skirt, $98; Tessa Eye Graphic Hoodie, $98; Outstock Lace Up Sandal, $64.50; Double Arc Wire Earrings, $18

Eye seeeee you (lol.)

22. The Perfect Spring Coat

Lace Up Hendrix Dress in Block Print Flower, $168; Abbey Military Trench, $138; Playlist Sunglasses, $55; Metal Statement Earrings, $34; O-Ring Satchel, $198; Raylan Slotted Ankle Strap Sandal, $64.50

"I'd have to say my perfect date April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!"

23. Head-To-Toe White

White Denim Button Front Top, $69.50; Wide Leg Crop Jeans in White With Patch Pockets, $128; Outstock Lace Up Sandal, $64.50; Beaded Charm Necklace, $38; Double Arc Wire Earrings, $18; Stretch Tassel 2 Pack Bracelet, $18; Cord And Tassel Bracelet, $18

You'll want to wear this well beyond Labor Day.

24. Poppy Punch

Hibiscus Blouse, $49.50; Amy Tiered Midi Skirt, $98; Lorimer Mini Backpack in Artisan Side, $158; Adidas Superstar, $80; Washed Bandanas, $12.50

What's black and white and red all over? The newspaper! And also, this outfit.

25. Floral Jeans

Drapey Oversized Boy Shirt in Pure White, $75; Embroidered Perfect Vintage Jean, $148; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50; Simple Corded Choker, $38; Double Arc Wire Earrings, $18; Beaded Tassel Bracelet, $32; Thread and Charm Bracelet, $12.50; Beaded Enamel Bracelet, $20

Who needs regular blue jeans when you can have a pair that's embellished with flowers?!

26. Gingham Goals

Rae Dress in June Check, $135; Trench Coat, $138; Patchwork Bandana Scarf, $49.50; Beaded Lariat Necklace, $45; Johnny Sunglasses, $65; Outstock Lace-Up Sandal, $64.50

Want. Want. Want.

Shop Here For The Madewell Spring 2017 Collection

The entire collection begins to hit stores next Tuesday, Jan. 24. Start making your lists now!