Here's What We Know About 'The Incredibles 2's New Cast & Characters So Far

The sequel to the 2004 Pixar hit Incredibles is finally happening and it seems the super animated cast is super-sizing. Pixar and Disney announced the Incredibles 2 voice cast over social media and it features plenty of returning favorites and some notable newcomers to the franchise.

When the movie comes out in June 2018, it might have been 14 years since the last Incredibles (production manager: Katherine Sarafian), but it'll be as if barely any time has passed in Metroville. The core crime-stoppers in the super-powered Parr family are (for the most part) fighting together again in the sequel. Once again Craig T. Nelson will voice the amazingly strong dad, Mr. Incredible, and Holly Hunter voices his wife, the very stretchy Elastigirl. Sarah Vowell returns to voice their teenage daughter Violet, who can turn invisible, while the role of the speed-loving younger brother "Dash" has been taken over by Huck Milner (in the original movie Spencer Fox voiced the part, but since his voice deepened after puberty, the studio replaced him with another actor). The youngest sibling, Jack-Jack, is still a baby, but in the Incredibles 2 his new-found super abilities will reportedly cause plenty of trouble for Mr. Incredible.

A teaser trailer featuring the youngest Parr was released last fall.

After the events of the last film — in which superheroes were forced to go into hiding and live as boring normals — Elastigirl has been tapped to help lead a campaign that brings supers back into the spotlight. Which is good news for two other returning characters: Lucius Best a.k.a. Frozone, Samuel L. Jackson's ice-controlling cool character and Edna E. Mode (voiced by film's director and writer Brad Bird), the fashion-loving super suit-designer. With super heroes possibly returning to business as usual, these characters can go back to doing what they love, saving the world and dressing those who do.

Agent Rick Dicker, the head of the official Super Relocation Program, which works as sort of an eye witness protection agency for super heroes, also appears in the sequel. In the original movie he was portrayed by voice actor Bud Luckey (Toy Story, Sesame Street), but in the sequel Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) is taking over.

Meanwhile, Disney has also announced a slew of new characters to look forward to, including some that grown-up viewers are sure to appreciate (it's doubtful children viewers will understand that two of the actors also appear in Better Call Saul together...at least they shouldn't). Referencing the internet's latest trend —using the Google Arts and Culture app to find an Art History look-alike — Disney copied the meme to announce the new cast members and who they will be playing.

Up first is Bob Odenkirk as Winston Deavor, a character he really does share an uncanny resemblance with.

According to a Disney press release, Winston is an ultra-wealthy telecommunications exec who has an infatuation with super heroes. Whether this obsession proves to be unhealthy is probably very likely.

Then there's Katherine Keener as Winston's sister Evelyn Deavor.

Evelyn is supposed to be something of a tech-wizard. How this plays into the plot remains to be seen, but it's probably safe to assumer that she might deliver some pretty powerful gadgets.

Sophia Bush is set to play new super-powered individual Voyd.

Voyd is said to be an Elastigirl "mega-fan," who also has the ability to manipulate objects by making them seem to appear and disappear by creating voids and shifting space.

Lastly, there's Ambassador, played by Isabella Rossellini.

The ambassador is committed to legalizing superheroes.

These characters will fly, stretch, run, and otherwise appear in theaters on June 15.