Eyebrow Stamps Are The Coolest Shortcut To…

If you're look to cut your makeup time in half during the mornings, the newest eyebrow stamp beauty tool just might be your ticket. The idea is to negate all that time you take penciling, feathering, outlining, and filling in your brows to get that perfect, Instagram-worthy arch. While it might not be the hardest beauty technique to crack (when compared to, say, gluing on false eyelashes or creating the perfect smoky eye,) it still takes up some precious time away from sleeping. So to give beauty lovers everywhere a kind of shortcut, the eyebrow stamp was created.

It's just what it sounds like, too: It's a sponge outline of a brow that you press into powder, and then stamp over your own arches. Rather than taking the time to fill in your natural brows yourself, this is a one-step move that's supposed to take care of the whole feature in one swift application, and it comes with an individual brow powder with the purchase. Meaning even if you don't love love the stamp, you at least have quality powder to walk away with.

While it might sound like a miracle product, some worries that crop up immediately with the idea is that, obviously, not every eyebrow is the same. If you have a template stamp shaped in a particular arch and your brow just so happens not to be that shape, the stamp might feel like it would do more damage than good.

But there's a work-around that problem: There is always room for touch-ups. Even if the sponge stamp isn't a perfect match to your brows, you can still stamp on an arch and then go over with a brow brush and powder to fill in the spots that didn't get included in the imprint. The idea is to give you instant definition, and then you can go back in there with the detailing.

After you stamp on your shadow, you can use a brow brush to comb through your arches and distribute the powder so it doesn't rock any harsh lines. One downside beauty bloggers pointed out was that sometimes you don't align the stamp with your brows perfectly, and so the powder goes on your skin and you have to clean it up and try again — which of course can increase your makeup application time, rather than shorten it. But it's a "practice makes perfect" situation, and can easily be remedied.

If you like to try out gimmicky beauty tools and are always looking for a way to cut down your morning beauty time, then this brow stamp might just be right up your alley!