Here's What 'Shameless' Fans Predict For Fiona's Future


The rumors are true, folks. In late August, Emmy Rossum released a statement that she will be leaving her lead role as Fiona Gallagher on Showtime's hit dramedy, Shameless. So naturally, fans are scurrying to conjure up how Fiona might leave Shameless and the Gallagher household once and for all. What many fans might not realize is the actress who portrayed Fiona in the original British version of the show left after only two seasons. Rossum will at least appear in the upcoming Season 9, as she is featured in existing trailers. And while Season 10 hasn't been confirmed just yet, the statements related to Rossum's departure allude to a successful Fiona-less future. But they also both left an opening for her to return.

"I know you will continue on without me, for now," Rossum wrote. "There is much more Gallagher story to be told ... Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block."

Showrunner John Wells joined her sentiment with his statement. "We are hard at work now creating a season nine finale for Shameless which we hope will provide a Gallagher-worthy sendoff for Fiona that honors the great work Emmy has done," he wrote. "It is always bittersweet when an ensemble member decides to move out of the proverbial house, but our door will always remain open for Fiona to return home for a visit, or to move back in."

So it's been made pretty clear that Fiona will likely not join her drug addicted mother, Monica, in the afterlife, but that only eliminates one of these carefully conspired possibilities for her exit.

Fiona Will Get An Out Of State Career Opportunity

Fiona has been slowly establishing her grounds for independence from running the Gallagher household for the last couple of seasons, including her development of a realty business. Season 8 showed her talking numbers with her role model entrepreneur, Margo. So it would come as no surprise if she hits it big and moves on to bigger and better things in bigger and better places.

She'll Travel The World With Ford

Speaking of bigger and better places, we know Fiona's newest beau is well traveled (hence the accent). And he's mysteriously well off, chiseled, and romantic. Fiona has been trapped in the South Side for most of her life, so she's sure to take the first opportunity to travel the world with a hunk like him.

Jimmy-Steve Will Return To Whisk Her Away In A Stolen Car

By the looks of r/shameless on Reddit, fans are really rooting for a Jimmy-Steve return. Remember him? Fiona's first romance — the mystery guy who stole cars for a living, loved the hell out of her, and tried to convince her to runaway with him in an early season? Well, maybe she changes her mind.

She'll Have To Serve Time

Not only has she dated criminals, but she's related to them, and, in Season 4, she became one herself when she was responsible for Liam ingesting drugs at a party. She spent some time locked up for that, and is now a a registered felon. Although she's doing her best to get her life back on track, who knows what could lead her off that path. As a former felon, one misstep could land her back behind bars.

She'll Get Back With Sean

It would be a dark ending, but one redditor theorized that Sean will return, once again, and entice her with his mystery. Tired of being the strong one, Fiona will give into the temptation of a substance-related release, and will have to separate herself from her family to be in a relationship with Sean and their addictions. That just doesn't sound like the Fiona we know, though.

Some of these predictions are more likely to occur than others, but at least the door is open for Fiona to return for a Shameless series finale. An official goodbye to the Gallaghers wouldn't be complete without her.