Fans Are So On Board For This Problematic 'GoT' Couple

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

After the comedy hour that was Ned Stark's bastard being introduced to the Mother of Dragons, the long-awaited meeting between ice and fire on Game of Thrones did not go exactly as planned. However, where there's tension, there will be OTPs. Fans are already 'shipping Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, despite the fact that they're technically related (as if that's stopped this show before).

I mean, sure, there was probably already fanfic before Sunday. The title of George R. R. Martin's' book series does hint at their potential romance, from a certain point of view. They are the two chosen ones, from either end of the realm. They are also the only two remaining direct members of House Targaryen, but we'll get to the incestuous elephant in the room later. Now that the two characters have met on the HBO series and sparks certainly flew, is that where this is headed? Even Tyrion was pushing for a partnership, though he was probably trying to make sure his old pal Jon didn't get himself killed.

Did the fact that Daenerys name-dropped her brother Rhaegar, who is Jon's true father, put you off to this pairing at all? While they are almost exactly the same age, she is technically his aunt. That's somehow weirder than all the previous relations that relations have had on this show.

Imagine two of the most responsible characters on this show ruling side by side. It's almost too good to be true — which probably is why they have the same genes.

Even stars like Leslie Jones weren't able to resist the popular 'ship.

Whether Jon Snow ever actually learns that he's related to Dany, though, depends on Bran, who at the moment is the only person carrying Jon's secret. He's also been the keeper of incest-related secrets before. If he doesn't come through before it's too late, though, it's not looking like the fans would complain.