ColourPop Fans Think They Know What This Mystery Product Is

When ColourPop drops a major tease about a brand new mystery product, its fanatical devotees perk up, propose theories, postulate, hypothesize, and dissect every detail, both visual and verbal. In this case, we get a look at a new ColourPop product — it's a short video of a thick and creamy formula being mixed. I want to dive right in. The L.A. indie brand, known for inexpensive, quality, and on-trend products, teased that this is a brand new product and one that it has never made before.

So it's not a color extension or a new shade of an existing product. Of course ColourPop loyalists are tossing out their ideas, many of which sound like wishful thinking, in the comments section of the post.

Some think it's a cream foundation or concealer, which is a good estimation. A mask was also thrown out there as a potential product. If that were true, it would be really surprising to me, since it would mark the brand branching out into skincare. Others suggested that this could be a be primer or some form of liquid highlighter. So. Many. Theories.

I am thinking that CP is going to taking a dip into the foundation pool and start offering those. But that's just my best guess.

So rich, so creamy! So what is it? Below are some of the most Colour(pop)ful and prevalent theories about what the brand is bringing to market.

These are the most popular guesses.

That last comment is typical of ColourPop fiends.

Finally a foundation? Maybe.

The theories are pretty extensive.

Clearly, foundation is the most popular guess about what product is being mixed in this clip. Given the density of the formula, I can't argue with this theory. But it could be a texture that will eventually be boiled down to something thinner, like a concealer or a primer. It's anyone's guess until ColourPop spills the beans.

You know, it could be a foundation that is also a hair dye. Nah, that's actually not possible. Even so, ColourPop has me all like this.