Carly Aquilino's Instagram Story May Be About Her Ex & Ariana Grande's Rumored Engagement

by Angela Chen
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes, yes, she's probably heard about it, folks. After news broke of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's apparent engagement, Carly Aquilino posted an exasperated Instagram story on Monday. And many fans think it was in response to the engagement rumors, Us Weekly reported. Aquilino, who is a stand-up comedian and MTV personality on the show Girl Code, is Davidson's ex-girlfriend and at 27, is a few years older than the apparently newly engaged couple, who are both 24.

Aquilino posted a screenshot of a somewhat cryptic text message thread with a friend saying, “I know I’m the 9 billionth person to text you today about this, but… I can’t.” Over the temporary Instagram story, she had added a caption that read, “My day in a text message.”

But that wasn't the only post; Entertainment Tonight took a screenshot of a possibly related post in her Instagram story on Tuesday. The comedian sarcastically wrote that her "love life" was "going great" over a screenshot of messages a mystery person had not responded to. She edited the post to add wavy captions that read, "I quit," "social life :404 not found," "cool," and "cries into my burger." Apart from her fleeting Instagram story (which is no longer up), Aquilino has not posted anything that might be related to her ex's reported engagement.

Davidson and Aquilino dated a few years ago in 2015. After they broke up, Davidson started an on-again-off-again relationship with Cazzie David (Larry David's daughter) from May 2016 until May of 2018. Days after the two parted ways, Us Weekly reported that Davidson had started "casually seeing" Grande. The No Tears Left To Cry singer also jumped into the new relationship after breaking up with rapper Mac Miller in May, according to PEOPLE. The two were first linked at an SNL after-party following the Mother's Day show, according to Entertainment Tonight, which reported that a source had seen the two were sitting together. The pair moved quickly through their whirlwind courtship, leaving a trail of couple photos and lovey-dovey comments across social media. On Monday, the news broke: after only a few weeks, the two stars were supposedly engaged.

People on Twitter are stunned by news of the rumored engagement, so much so that one user even attempted a timeline to show how fast the relationship evolved.

Then there are others who compared the length of the relationship to their hygiene habits. (The dating period was short, but three weeks is probably just a tad too long to go without washing your clothes. Just saying.)

One person remembered this fun cross-link from past SNL skits. The world sure is small.

The apparent engagement was supposedly sealed with a pricey ring, according to TMZ. It reported that Davidson plunked down nearly $100,000 in May for a custom, 3.03 carat diamond, platinum-set engagement ring that reportedly took almost two weeks to complete.

“They are a perfect fit. They are not rushing to get married,” an unnamed source told Us Weekly, saying that the couple's friends were "excited and supportive." Another source said that the couple "are looking forward to a very long engagement together," Us Weekly reported.

Aquilino isn't the only ex to possibly respond to Davidson's new relationship. Entertainment Tonight reported that David, who is the same age as Davidson, also seemed to address Grande's quick connection to her ex with an Instagram post, in which she wrote, "Been in Africa, what'd I miss?"

After the news spread across social media, Davidson and Grande seemed to celebrate with a late-night adventure, riding roller coasters at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. The Space Mountain mid-ride cameras captured Frankie, Ariana's brother, and her mother with the couple as well, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Neither Aquilino nor David have confirmed their Instagram posts were referring to the reported engagement. But if all that's put up is a vague post about people texting the same news over and over again, that's a reaction most exes can understand.