Farsali's Newest Product Is A Makeup Staple That Will Give You #UnicornSkin — EXCLUSIVE

Maybe you haven't heard the name Farsáli, and that's fine. Because you've probably seen their products. Those pink drops makeup artists drip onto their faces? Farsali. That bananas-looking jelly highlight? Yep, also Farsali. The brand has all but taken over the internet with their innovations, and now, Farsali's Skintune Perfecting Primer Serum is coming to smooth away your imperfections IRL (instead of just on FaceTune).

Founded by Sal Ali, Farsáli is the creation of Ali and his wife Farah Dhukai's mutual passions, and it certainly shows in their products. Dhukai, a beauty blogger and influencer, had an obvious love of makeup and skin care. It was Dhukai's passion that captured her husband Ali's own.

As a former product developer, he became intrigued at how Dhukai's makeup and skin care didn't always seem to work together. Ali set out to remedy that by creating his brand Farsáli. Thus, Instagram's favorite beauty and skin care hybrid was born.

While the brand has had plenty of massive hits worth noting (and by plenty, we mean all of their products), their new Skintune launch is going to give you the perfected face of your dreams, and it could just make a new sensation possible: #UnicornSkin.

What is the brand's new Skintune Perfecting Primer Serum? It's name basically says it all. Farsáli founder Sal Ali explains to Bustle that the new serum should be used as the last step in your skin care routine to hydrate and blur the skin, but it's certainly not its only use. In fact, Farsáli is known for their hybrid skin care meets makeup innovations.

As a result of the brand's focus on combining quality skin care with cosmetics, Skintune isn't just a blurring primer. With vitamin C, mushroom, and cucumber, it's also a skin care product that moisturizes, evens skin tone, and soothes. If you do love the way Farsáli's products work with your makeup, though, don't worry. It's obviously a boss at blurring but can also increase the coverage of your foundation. Ali explains that you simply need to mix it into your base.

If you're wondering how SkinTune is different than the brand's other serums, it's about the purpose. While the Unicorn Essence illuminates the skin with a satin finish and the Rose Gold Elixir gives a dewy finish, SkinTune is all about the blur.

That doesn't mean you can't combine SkinTune with the brand's other serums. In fact, Ali explains that it's encouraged and results in a unique effect he's dubbed unicorn skin. What exactly is it, though, and how do you achieve it?

Ali explains that the combination of SkinTune Blur and Unicorn Essence create the effect that brings together the blurring and dew-creating abilities of primers. "Typically, illuminating products accentuate pores, which is the opposite effect of a blur," he explains to Bustle, "Due to the unique formulas of Unicorn Essence and Skintune Blur, they work together to bring out the best in each other. Unicorn Essence provides the illumination and Skintune provides the soft blur."

Given Farsáli's veritable takeover hybrid skin care and beauty products, what could possibly be next for the brand? After all, they have branched out into makeup with the Jelly Beam Highlighter. Could more be coming? Ali stays pretty mum on what's next from the brand, but he Jelly Beam helped showcase just how Farsáli has pioneered "hybrid makeup-skincare." Don't worry, though, Ali has a way you can stay up to date on all things Farsáli. Simply follow along on his Instagram, and you may just get a sneak peek into what's coming.

Farsáli has truly carved out a space in the beauty world thanks to their hybrid products, and the new SkinTune Blur Priming Serum simply proves that they're continuing to innovate for their customers. Ali explains, "Every successful brand owes their success to products that truly speak to their customers."

Clearly, Farsáli they know just what we all want: #UnicornSkin.