Fenty Beauty Will Soon Outsell Kylie Cosmetics & Fans Are Saying It's Inclusivity At Work

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Brace yourself for a new reign, because it may be time for King Kylie to pass off her crown. According to Women's Wear Daily, Fenty Beauty is on track to outsell Kylie Cosmetics. It might have been less than six months since Rihanna's line hit the market, but it's on its way to the top. Fans are championing the brand for more than just its sales though.

When Kylie Cosmetics first launched in 2016, it blew fans away. Lip Kits were selling out in minutes and there were new launches coming out what seemed like every week. It was incredible to say the least. But the launch of Fenty Beauty was a different type of incredible. The brand started with 40 different foundations and featured women of all colors. Apparently, it's paying off with more than just praise.

While it might seem too short of a time to tell, there are definite signs that Rihanna's line is going to outsell Kylie's. As The Cut writes, Fenty Beauty's first month of sales were five times higher than Kylie Cosmetics in the first month and 34 percent higher the second month, according to Slice Intelligence's research. Slice Intelligence, an online research company, didn't give out any exact calculations or a date for the takeover to occur.

In case you don't remember, Jenner told WWD in August 2017 that her company was pulling in $420 million in product. The conversation stemmed around the announcement of Jenner landing on Forbes' 30 Under 30 List. The brand also confirmed to Bustle around the same time that the brand's lip glosses alone earned eight figures. Those are big money sacks to fill.

Fenty Beauty has not yet announced the brand's sales, but Slice's calculations open an eye on how fast the brand is growing. There are a few key reasons why the brand has taken off as it has. According to the company, Fenty Beauty fans spend an average of $471 per year in the makeup category, while Kylie Cosmetics shoppers who spend $181 — meaning that Fenty fans, on average, have more money to spend.

Fenty Beauty is very much a different brand than Kylie Cosmetics — both with different marketing tactics. Jenner stems most of her marketing around her own Snapchat and personal Instagram page. She's often the first to announce new products, even with her recent absence. That all makes for a younger audience. Rihanna instead stays out of the marketing and sticks to occasionally showing herself applying the products instead.

Despite the selling tactics, fans seem to think there's an even bigger reason for the increase in sales — the inclusivity of products. Fenty Beauty makes it a point to design for people of all skin tones and races. The very first ad for the brand showed a variety of different ethnicities, which is what great a lot of the hype. Having a makeup brand for everyone seems like a natural thought, but Fenty Beauty did it in a way that no one has done before.

They created 40 different foundation shades, a versatile gloss, and products that every can use on their very first launch. It's taken some brands ten years to just expand its line to 20 shades. It's not going unnoticed, and the sales are showing.

Fenty Beauty knew what it was doing when they launched.

Just in case you were wondering how strongly people feel about the two.

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The people have spoken on social media, but the profit speaks for itself.