Fenty Beauty Is Launching 8 New Eyeshadow Palettes & You Need Them All

Fenty Beauty's Snap Shadows launch Dec. 26.
Fenty Beauty/Instagram

The holiday season is here and so is Rihanna Claus. The singer, designer, actor, and cosmetics mogul has come through once again for fans of her eponymous beauty brand. Fenty Beauty's Snap Shadows are the latest creation from the innovation brand owner, and all eight (yes, eight) eyeshadow palettes are dropping just in time for you to spend your Christmas cash.

On Dec. 17, Fenty Beauty announced its new Snap Shadows, a collection of eight mix and match eyeshadow palettes designed to curate your perfect, easily portable set of hues. Each of the eight palettes feature six pans of coordinating color. From peach tones and pastels to rosy tones and neutrals, the new Snap Shadows are tonally curated collections that can be combined to create the perfect all-in-one palette or separated for easy travel.

Two palettes from Fenty's new collection can snapped together at a time (think of it as the eyeshadow equivalent of Rihanna's magnetic MatchStix) to give you a perfectly mix and matched palette or separated to be used on their own.

Yes, since the palettes are snappable, the brand will be selling them in sets of two. The new palettes will retail for $45 for a set of two and just $25 for a single palette. All eight are slated to launch on Dec. 26 (save your Sephora Christmas gift cards) at the Fenty Beauty website and Sephora.

While eight palettes may seem like one massive drop, the new eyeshadow minis aren't the only thing Rihanna has in store for fans. With so many shadow palettes launching, the beauty mogul's brand is also debuting brand new tools.

Three new Fenty Beauty brushes are dropping alongside the new Snap Shadows — because you obviously need something to apply those new shades with. The brand is launching a tapered detail brush, a precise blending brush, and a fluffier shading brush. Each new tool will retail for $24 and will launch on the same day as the new palettes, Dec. 26.

There's one more new must-have from Fenty Beauty, the Dry Brush-Cleaning sponge. Yes, it is, in fact, a dry way to clean your eyeshadow brushes. According to the brand, the textured sponge absorbs pigment with a swirling motion allowing a single brush to be used with multiple shades. Like the new palettes and brushes, the Dry Brush-Cleansing sponge also launches Dec. 26 and will retail for just $18.

Whether you were on the naughty or nice list this year, Fenty Beauty's latest launches are coming at you. Save some of that Christmas cash and snag the new Fenty Snap Shadows, brushes, and brush cleanser.

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