Fight Me On This: These 40 Products On Amazon Are Actually Perfect

As you know, the first rule of Fight Club is pretty simple: Don't talk about fight club. Today, we're throwing all that out the window, though, because I'm totally ready to fight if you don't agree that these awesome products on Amazon are the definition of perfection.

I know, I know, perfect is such a loaded word. What's perfect for me may not actually be perfect for you, you say? I'd argue that these gems are as close to objectively perfect as the retail behemoth has to offer, and they span the gamut: Useful tools and splurges, decent prices, beauty products, things for your home, and amazing choices for gift-giving. It's the best of the best, and I'll just bet there's one thing on here that you will absolutely swoon over.

Here's one, for example: This avocado tool will change your life forever, whether you're a fan of avo toast in the morning, or guacamole with a nice cold mojito. If you do your nails at home, you're going to want this odd-looking but genius gadget that holds your nail polish like a ring to keep both your hands free. Or, how about this foot scrubber that eliminates the need to slip around on your soap while you're in the cleans your soles and gives them an invigorating massage, too, while you take care of the rest of your body.

You'll never regret adding these cream-of-the-crop products to your cart: I'll fight you on it.


This Avocado Slicer Will Change Your Guacamole-Making Routine Forever

There's so much that makes this avocado tool special: One end of the tool features a serrated knife designed to slice through the avocado skin straight down to the pit, while the handle itself features an embedded, patented pitter design to remove the pit itself with ease. The other end of the tool has a paddle design with a grille that slices up your avocado and scoops it out all at once. Perfection.


The Faux Fur Blanket That's Luxurious And Hypoallergenic

With a luxurious feel and appearance, this blanket gives you all the snuggly warmth you need for movie night on the couch or an extra layer to make your bed that much more cozy. Available in a dozen colors, it's crafted from a plush microfiber that's machine-washable for the ultimate in easy care, it holds up well through everyday use, and it's even hypoallergenic.


A Battery-Powered Facial Brush For A Superior Clean — And A Massage

Use this facial brush twice a day and it removes 99.5 percent of dirt, oil, makeup residue and dead skin cells — and you'll also feel refreshed by the massage. Made from antibacterial, hypoallergenic silicone, this battery-powered little wonder has two bristle sizes to massage, cleanse, and refine pores, and with its small footprint, it's ideal for travel.


These Coconut Facial Wipes Hydrate While They Cleanse

Infused with coconut water and kukui nut extract, these wipes not only provide a fresh and lightly-scented clean, but they also serve to hydrate even the most parched skin. Formulated to provide both immediate relief and lasting hydration, they're suitable for use on both face and body and made from 96 percent natural ingredients that are completely paraben-, petroleum-, and cruelty-free. They're even compostable.


A Silicone-Coated Rack That's So Versatile Around The Kitchen

Engineered to roll up for easy storage, this mat is crafted from stainless steel is primarily designed for use as a dish-drying rack for use laid across the kitchen sink to accommodate everything from glassware to pots and pans. The silicone coating ensures that it's corrosion-resistant and won't allow dishes to slip around on top of it — it also means this mat is heat-resistant to 400 degrees, meaning you can use it as a trivet on your countertop or table, or as a cooling rack for baked goods.


The Perfect Bottle Opener To Add A Touch Of Whimsy To Any Party

Although it's crafted from a combination of food-grade silicone and stainless steel to make it ultra-durable, the real headline behind this bottle opener is certainly its design: Who could resist a cute flamingo that's on standby to open your beer? Perfect for parties, this little gem would also make a terrific housewarming gift.


These Mitts Provide Heat Protection And Agility In The Kitchen

Crafted from BPA-free and FDA-approved food-quality silicone that's heat-resistant to nearly 450 degrees, these mitts enable you to grip hot pots and pans with ease — and retrieve items from off of the grill without worrying about burns on your hands. Folded open, they can be used underneath hot pots and pans, too, and the ridges on the inside of the mitts also serve as a valuable tool to get stuck jars open.


The Earplugs That Separate Unwanted Noise From Concert-Quality Sound

Music lovers will enjoy these earbuds at concerts and festivals for their sound-refining qualities that provide hearing protection without dampening sound fidelity. They're designed to reduce the overall decibel level by filtering out specific frequencies as opposed to cancelling noise overall, thereby not reducing the quality of any musical experience. They're virtually invisible, and come with several pairs of earbud covers in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.


This Extra-Large Tray Is Ideal For Freezing Soups And Sauces

Ideal for freezing portions of entrées, side dishes, soups, and sauces, this silicone tray is marked with measurement lines on the side of each compartment so that you can dish out the perfect 1/2- or 1-cup portion every time. While the rim of the BPA-free tray is steel reinforced so that it's easy to carry, the container itself is flexible so that the cubes can be easily removed once frozen. The accompanying lid keeps makes for airtight storage, free from freezer odors.


A Weighted Blanket That Helps Ensure A Better Night's Sleep

If you have any issues with the amount of rest you're getting at night and you haven't tried a weighted blanket yet, this one is a terrific reasonably-priced option to start with. Available in 15-, 17-, and 20-pound weights, it's made from premium cotton, with non-toxic weighted pellets sewn into its pockets to deliver that comforting hug the blankets are known for. Its extra-large, 60 by 80-inch size covers your whole bed — and you should choose the weight that's the closest to 10 percent of your body weight for the optimum effect.


This Shower Mat Gives You A Massage And Cleans Your Feet Too

"I love this thing more than I thought possible," writes one happy reviewer of this foot scrubber, which not only gets your feet nice and clean in the shower but also gives you a relaxing massage while you're at it. Great for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, calluses, and other foot conditions, it leaves feet clean and soft, while also promoting increased circulation.


The Odd But Genius Gadget That Will Revolutionize Your At-Home Nail Game

If you do your nails at home, this gadget is nothing less than a must-have. Made from silicone, it slips on like a ring over two fingers, and has a slot on top with six flaps that keep any size and shape of nail polish bottle secure and steady to free up your hands. No chasing the bottle around a table — it's always right there on top of your hand, ready to go.


The Strapless Bra That Doesn't Slide Down

You'll be ready for whatever fancy dress the occasion demands when you have this bra on standby. Its primary role is to provide support you can count on in strapless mode, with silicone at the neckline, side stays, and contoured cups providing coverage that will stay in place for larger cup sizes up to H. Meanwhile, it can be worn an additional five ways: As a traditional bra, with one diagonal shoulder strap, as a racerback, a halter, and with a cross front.

  • Available sizes: 30D-44G


A Snail Mucin Serum That Deeply Hydrates And Protects

It's true — snail mucin is a fantastic skin-saving ingredient that is incredibly hydrating, so hop on the bandwagon with this cult-favorite snail mucin essence. It soothes irritation, locks in moisture, helps even out skin tone, and improves skin's natural elasticity. One reviewer writes: "Best product ever. Not only it helped me with my acne it also helps with my pores too."


These Linen Overalls Are Super Cute And Very Affordable

One-piece fashion is totally in style right now, and these overalls are so totally cute. Crafted from linen, the oversized fit makes them an easy choice for breezy, warm days. Front pockets give you storage space, and the straps are adjustable. Reviewers say to size up if you want the baggy look.

  • Available sizes: S-4X


The Electric Kettle That Boils Water Faster

Enjoy the most perfect hot beverage possible with this kettle that heats the water precisely to your six possible pre-set temperature settings, depending on the tea or coffee you choose. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, it's completely BPA-free, and features a heat-resistant handle for easy pouring. Great for dorms and small spaces, it's also perfect for heating water for soups and ramen bowls.


A Slicer That Makes The Perfect Bananas For Fruit Salad Or Cereal

Great for quickly prepping an oatmeal topping, fruit salad, or peanut butter toast, this gadget makes banana slices of equal sizes quickly and safely without the need to use a knife. Just line up the plastic device on top of the banana and press down for even slices of everyone's favorite cereal topper. This slicer is also a boon to those with hand strength and dexterity deficits, including arthritis.


A Power Bank Provides High-Speed Charging To Not One But Two Devices

Not only does this fully charge most devices up to four times faster than competitors, but this portable charger is also capable of juicing up two devices at one time. This device is engineered with technology to protect attached devices by ensuring that they're never overloaded, and it also features an LED flashlight. Its small footprint makes it easy to slip into a handbag, backpack, or carry-on.


These Super Sponges Are Tough, Clean With Just Water, And Are So Cost-Effective

Suitable for use on just about any surface, these sponges are a terrific all-purpose weapon in your cleaning arsenal. They're useful in every room in the house — they work on furniture, leather, floors, grout, appliances, your car's interior, windows, walls, your home's siding, and so much more. They're larger than their brand-name competitor, and come at a fraction of the cost, too.


The Reusable Sandwich Bags That Can Help You Cut Back On Plastic

Who isn't trying to cut down on plastic use these days? I know I am, and these reusable bags are a smart way to do it, and cute, too. Use them to pack lunch for work or school, or to store leftovers for later use. Durable and water-resistant, they're washable either on your dishwasher's top rack or in the washing machine on cold, and they're available in tons of fun designs, too.


An Egg Cooker That Makes A Dozen Hard-Boiled Eggs In Minutes

For a dozen perfect soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled eggs every single time, this cooker is a must. One-touch operation and an automatic shut-off function make flawless eggs so simple and safe that kids can do it, and in addition to boiled eggs, it can also whip up poached eggs without all the mess, scramble eggs, and cook up individual omelets. Branch out from eggs with steamed dumplings, vegetables, and seafood, or use it to warm tortillas: It's versatile, too.


This Brush Gets Rid Of Tangles Painlessly

Designed to work with natural hair as well as synthetic hair (including extensions), this brush gets out tangles and snags in hair without pulling or catching, gently smoothing and shining along the way. Its long teeth are capped with soft tips to make slipping through the hair easy and painless, and its special shape makes styling a breeze, too. This one is a step up from the original Tangle Teezer because it has a handle.


These Makeup Brushes Are Eco-Friendly And Cruelty-Free

Makeup brushes can be expensive, but this set is not only reasonably-priced, it's eco-friendly too — the perfect choice to snap up for yourself and for gift-giving. With 13 pieces that include everything from small detailing lip and eyeshadow brushes all the way up to large powder, contouring, and kabuki brushes, this set is full-featured, too. Best of all, it's crafted from vegan-friendly materials including sustainably-harvested, renewable bamboo handles.


The Ingenious Device That Gets Your Dog To Look At The Camera Every Time

Designed to attach to the top of any standard-size smartphone and workable with most smartphone cases, this device is the one accessory you need to take perfect selfies with your dog and photos of him while he looks straight into the camera. Who knows, maybe you have the next canine superstar on your hands — get Hollywood-quality photos of Fido with this gadget that's straight from Shark Tank.


This Air Fryer Crisps Up Food Without The Mess

Enjoy crispy, crunchy fried foods without all the work it takes to make them using this air fryer that will change the way you cook. It uses convection technology to air fry foods quickly and evenly with little to no oil, and its spacious 5.3-quart capacity is large enough to whip up a lot of food. In addition to frying, this appliance also roasts, bakes, reheats, and grills, and is a great solution for last-minute meals, because it heats up in just three minutes.


The Therapy Mask That's Great For Sinus And Allergy Sufferers And So Much More

Whether you suffer from migraines, the after-effects of amazing late-night parties, or the pain and pressure that go along with sinus and allergy season, this mask can provide both heating and cooling relief. Filled with gel beads, it can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer for a soothing cold treatment — or heated in the microwave to create a gentle warming compress.


The Hair Smoothing Treatment That's A Cult-Favorite

If you haven't seen a million bloggers singing the praises of this hair elixir, either you have the shiny, luxurious hair of Kate Middleton, or you already have a bottle of Olaplex. It's a staple for repairing broken, over-processed, damaged hair of all kinds from within. Used once weekly for 10 minutes, it can turn dried-out, brittle hair into the soft, smooth tresses you're looking for.


A Few Rolls Across The Counter Chops Garlic With Ease

Designed to accommodate up to three peeled cloves of garlic, this gadget provides a safe, speedy way to chop garlic without getting the smell on your hands. The blades are inside the body of the device, away from your hands during operation —simply roll it along your countertop several times, and the garlic gets chopped with the motion of the device. Continued rolling produces a fine minced, while just a few passes elicits a rough chop.


This Device Chills Your Wine And Keeps It Cold, And Pours Without Spills, Too

Enjoy your favorite wine chilled down super quickly thanks to this device that works like an icicle inserted into the bottle — but because it's made from stainless steel, it never melts and won't dilute your vino. Completely BPA-free, it features a silicone cap that makes pouring a breeze by eliminating spills and drips. Your favorite red will be at room temperature within 15 minutes, and whites stay chilled for an hour after this device has been in the freezer for just 90 minutes.


This Simple Bowl Cooks Boxed Macaroni And Cheese In Just 5 Minutes

Specifically designed to produce macaroni and cheese from your favorite boxed mix that's just as good as the final result you'd get from stovetop preparation, this dish cooks it up in just five minutes in your microwave instead. Great for small kitchens, dorms, and of course, anyone who loves macaroni and cheese, it's BPA free, dishwasher safe, and a great time-saver for busy families and anyone on the go.


A Curl Cream That Defines And Styles

Ideal for anyone who likes to rock natural curls or waves, this coconut curl cream is the cornerstone of a line that's made from clean ingredients without parabens, sulfates, or silicone. Infused with coconut oil, it hydrates deeply and provides complete styling control that's suitable for all curl types.


This Genius Container Is Like A Bento Box For Your Salad

Enjoy large, homemade salads at a picnic, at work, or anywhere you go with this ingenious container that separates your greens or other bases from both your toppings and your dressing — and ensures that everything is crisp and delightful when you're ready to eat. Made from BPA-free materials, it accommodates 54 ounces of salad, three toppings, and a dressing. An airtight lid keeps everything sealed and fresh until you're ready to eat.


The Strawberry Set That's Cute And Practical

Anyone who enjoys fresh strawberries will love this set that makes short work of preparing them expertly. Use the huller to quickly remove the fruit's top without unnecessary waste, while the slicer produces uniform slices with its sharp blades. Both tools are crafted from FDA-approved stainless steel and plastic that's completely BPA-free, and they're top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


The Award-Winning Cookbook So Good It's Now On Netflix

A James Beard Award-winning cookbook and New York Times best-seller, this cookbook is a must-have for any chef's kitchen and makes a wonderful gift, too. Author Samin Nosrat teaches mastery of the four elements in the title of her book through a catalog of 100 recipes, each with dozens of variations. The strength of Nosrat's work? She gives the user the confidence to take the flavor profiles and techniques she teaches into everyday cooking, even after the recipes have been cooked.


These Slippers Clean Your House

Sure, they're adorable, but these teddy bear slippers mean business: They're equipped with removable soles that have chenille microfiber loops designed to pick up dust, dirt and pet hair from your floor. Check one of your least favorite cleaning chores off your to-do list simply as you walk along, doing something as simple as going to the fridge to get a soda, and when the soles are full of debris, just peel them off — they're attached with heavy-duty Velcro — and throw them in the wash.


A Cushion To Keep Your Spine In Alignment And Relieve Back Pain

Suitable for use at the office, at home, or while traveling, this seat cushion is engineered to keep your spine in alignment and cushion your tailbone, relieving the pain of sitting for a prolonged time and taking the stress off of your back. It's constructed from a combination of gel and memory foam to provide superior comfort, and topped with a removable, machine-washable cover.


The Hair Towel That's Made Just For Curls

Guaranteed to dry your hair frizz-free, this towel is made from extra-soft microfiber that's specially engineered to preserve and smooth curly hair. It's twice as large as competing hair towels to accommodate all but the longest manes, yet it's light and wicks away water quickly so you won't wear out your arms trying to dry your hair. A convenient loop lets you hang it to dry.


A Stylish Canvas Bag That Fits A Laptop

This versatile canvas tote has a shoulder strap and two handles — and can easily fit a laptop inside it. It has a smaller pouch inside for keys or a wallet, and is constructed from 100 percent recycled cotton. It's a great choice as a day bag, and comes in a few patterns and colors.


A Carrying Case For Your Makeup Sponge

If you love to travel with a beauty sponge, you need this travel case. Not only does the case protect your sponge from rubbing all over your other products (and therefore, prevents the transfer of those germs to your face), but it also has vented holes to help it dry without mildew. It can fit two sponges, too.


A Sonic Scrubber That Makes Cleaning Around Sinks Or Grout A Breeze

Scrubbing at 3,600 oscillations per minute, this sonic scrubber quickly blasts away scum and dirt from hard-to-clean places in your kitchen and bathroom — like around the faucet, in between tiles, and more. It's battery-powered, and one reviewer writes: "I have had several over the years. This tool goes with me in bathrooms to kitchen. Do you know the grime that doesn't get cleaned under the rubber of the disposal or under the rim of the sink between counter and sink where they meet? You would be amazed!"

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