Fight Me On This: These 41 Products On Amazon Are Actually Perfect

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As you know, the first rule of Fight Club is pretty simple: Don't talk about fight club. Today, we're throwing all that out the window, though, because I'm totally ready to fight if you don't agree that these awesome products on Amazon are the definition of perfection.

I know, I know, perfect is such a loaded word. What's perfect for me may not actually be perfect for you, you say? I'd argue that these gems are as close to objectively perfect as the retail behemoth has to offer, and they span the gamut: Useful tools and splurges, decent prices, beauty products, things for your home, and amazing choices for gift-giving. It's the best of the best, and I'll just bet there's one thing on here that you will absolutely swoon over.

Here's one, for example: This avocado tool will change your life forever, whether you're a fan of avo toast in the morning, or guacamole with a nice cold mojito. If you do your nails at home, you're going to want this odd-looking but genius gadget that holds your nail polish like a ring to keep both your hands free. Or, how about this foot scrubber that eliminates the need to slip around on your soap while you're in the cleans your soles and gives them an invigorating massage, too, while you take care of the rest of your body.

You'll never regret adding these cream-of-the-crop products to your cart: I'll fight you on it.

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