You Can Now Buy A Literal Rainbow Mermaid Tail To Wear At The Pool This Summer

After the dumpster fire of the last few years, a little fun is the least you deserve this summer. Well my friendlies, fun you shall have because Fin Fun mermaid tails exist for adults so you can live out thoseThe Little Mermaid-inspired goals IRL. Because, let's face it, spending your summer as a mermaid is just the break from reality you need.

"Besides her mythical personality, a mermaid’s tail is her pride and joy," Fin Fun explained on its website. "That’s why Fin Fun has created an amazing line of 100-percent swimmable mermaid tails made with our dazzling, custom-printed fabrics. Each and every mermaid swim tail from Fin Fun is designed to help you traverse the deep seas (or the backyard pool, if that’s your style) just like all the most famous magical mermaids." Um, yes! Please, please, please transform me into a mermaid.

While donning a mermaid tail is extra enough, this whole mermaid-tail thing is not just frivolous summer fun. Wagging your mermaid tail in the water is actually a sport called mermaiding. "Like swimming, mermaiding is a full-body workout, but it especially focuses on the core muscles," USA Swimming–certified coach Christine Dustin told SELF. "Water provides a resistance you don’t get on land, while also giving a low-impact environment that leads to few injuries." I want to be where the mermaids are.

Basically, this mermaid workout will let your experience first hand what it's like to be Ariel in The Little Mermaid or Daryl Hannah in the '80s mermaid movie Splash. If you haven't seen it, BTW, drop everything and watch it right freakin' now.

The good news is that, thanks to advances in mermaid wear, your swimmable mermaid tail will be much easier to put on than Hannah's tail in Splash. "It was a learning process on how not only to make [the mermaid tail] stay on and look seamless, but to weigh it enough to get me below the surface but not so much that I'd sink to the bottom," Hannah told Empire, adding that the process of getting herself mermaid ready took eight hours.

If you really want to commit to being a mermaid this summer, you can also take a mermaid class from a real life mermaid trainer at the historic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, Calif. But, if you can't get to San Diego this summer, fear not. Fin Fun has an eight-week YouTube mermaid workout so you can flip your brightly colored mermaid tail at home — pool required.

What's more, your mermaid tail is easy to take on and off, you know — in case you have to pee, a luxury Hannah was not afforded. "If I had to pee, that would ruin the entire day's shoot because it took so long to put on and take off," Hannah said in her interview with Empire. "My circulation would be gone in my extremities, so it took a while before I could walk again. It made me very sympathetic to fish!"

In the '80s, perhaps before you were even born, being a mermaid was pure fantasy that clearly took a serious commitment. Now, transforming yourself into a full-fledged mermaid is so easy you can get your mermaid on every single day and learn to propel your body forward like a big fish with the mermaid workout. "The workout strengthens your heart, increases your lung capacity, and improves your flexibility," Dustin told SELF.

Let's face it: donning a mermaid tail for a workout or just for the 'gram is extra AF — and you deserve to lean in to that extra-ness as much as possible this summer. When you see the look of FOMO on your friends' faces, you can invite them to your mermaid squad. Because, the more mermaids, the merrier. #SummerGoals