You Can Buy This Fancy Glass Sippy Cup For Wine

by Mia Mercado

Greetings, adult humans of a drinking age, would you like to sip your wine is a glass that says, “I’m sophisticated and can’t be trusted with stemmed glassware”? Allow me to introduce you to the Wino Sippo Glasses from Firebox. They are essentially a sippy cup for wine. I mean, you basically act like a toddler when you’re a little tipsy; might as well consume beverages like one, too.

“Fragile stemmed wine glasses? In this economy?” the product description for the Wino Sippo Glasses reads. Instead of a stem, these glasses have a straw. You know, the natural regression of glassware. As the website states, “They’ve only gone and bent the stem into an incredible, elegant glass straw!” They’ve gone and bent the stem! Stem? I don’t know her! Firebox touts the cups as “super stable sippable wine glasses,” also noting that “it’s almost impossible to knock one of these bad boys over.” If you’ve ever wanted to give the Tempur-Pedic mattress wine test a try but have a regular mattress and don’t fully test your balance abilities, now is your chance.

The Wino Sippo Glass rests on two little legs and its long, curvy straw. The glass kind of looks like some sort of headless lizard filled with wine, which I believe is a selling point they should have utilized but whatever. “They say the best inventions are always simple - take the standard bowl of a wine glass, and twist its stem,” Firebox’s website states. “Voilà, you have a classy tumbler with an elegant built-in glass straw, suitable even for the clumsiest.” You had me at “wine glass.”

The Wino Sippo Glasses are sold in packs of two, perfect for sharing with an equally clumsy friend. According to Firebox’s science, their stemless stemware is significantly more stable than your standard wine glass. “Place them down on any flat surface and their special stabilisers and low centre of gravity will keep them around 3,600 times more stable than the tall, lanky, traditional equivalent,” the site states. In other words, you’ll really, really have to try to knock these glasses over.

If the stability isn’t a selling point for you, perhaps the straw will be. Listen, we all want to drink everything out of a straw. Based on a study of one I conducted by myself, straws make pretty much every beverage easier and more fun to sip. Plus, you don’t have to worry about smudging your lipstick all over a cup. However, we all know by now that straws and any other one-use plastic aren’t exactly great for the environment. The built-in straw on the Wino Sippo Glasses lets you live your best, most straw-crazy life while still being more eco-friendly.

At $18.09 for a pack of two, the Wino Sippo Glasses are certainly pricier than your standard stemless glass. But can you really put a price on drinking wine through a glass straw, sipping rosé like the drunk adult baby you are? (You can, and that price is about $9 a glass.)

The Wino Sippo Glasses aren’t the first stemless glassware with a straw. Wine accessory company Oenophilia launched a pretty similar cup at least over a year ago. Firebox’s Wino Sippo Glasses have a larger opening than Oenophilia's, which features more uniquely shaped bowl. However, with a curvy straw and two little glass legs, the designs are undeniably similar. Oenophilia’s glass also had a nearly identical name: the Wino Sipper. Those "Wino Sipper" glasses are currently available on Amazon Prime at $15.14 for a pack of four.

While Firebox’s Wino Sippo glass may not be the first of its kind, they do give people who prefer to sip their reds and whites sippy-cup style even more options for straw-based wine drinking. Sip on, friends.