'Five Feet Apart' Star Haley Lu Richardson & Brett Dier Got Engaged In The Most Chill Way

by Taylor Ferber
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They say when you know, you know. Well, this actor knew and she certainly wasn't going to let dated tradition get in her way. Haley Lu Richardson's proposal to Brett Dier redefines couple goals, not only because of its gender role reversal, but because of how casual and pure it was. In a recent interview, the Five Feet Apart actor opened up about how it went down and the story is seriously sweet and eye-opening.

"I asked him to marry me," Richardson revealed about the Jane the Virgin actor on Busy Tonight, throwing her hands up nonchalantly. She cracked up laughing and said, "I just asked," after the host asked how she did it. While the internet loves an over-the-top, viral proposal video, Richardson proves the gesture doesn't have to extravagant to be meaningful. "Neither of us are crazy-romantic people. So nothing was planned."

What makes the story even better is that pizza was involved. Richardson continued, "He was sitting there eating a pizza and he was telling me a joke that Shia LaBeouf had said in an interview. He was pretending to be Shia LaBeouf explaining this joke and for some reason I just cut him off and was like, 'Wanna marry me?'" If that doesn't say romance, what does?

Richardson also acknowledged that it can be difficult spending time together given their hectic acting schedules. While their profession may help them understand each other now, acting isn't what bonded the two together initially. In 2017, the couple told me about their romance during an interview for my website Talk To Me. "I honestly feel like I don't really care about dating an actor or not, but she just happened to be an amazing human being, who happened to be an actor," Dier said. Richardson chimed in, "I feel like I probably wouldn't purposefully date an actor if I never met Brett... I kind of feel this empathy for actors that are super, super huge and famous but they don't have someone to spend their life with."

That same month, Richardson posted a photo of Dier, expressing her gratitude for him in the brief caption. "The most wise, strong, inspiring and thoughtful man and a little wide-eyed carefree boy all at the same time," she wrote. "Thanks for hanging out with me all the time, Brett. I sure am thankful that you do." Meanwhile, the couple has shared their adventures on social media, proving how great of a match and smitten with each other they really are. From the beach, to Central Park, to a seesaw, to singing in the car, they are truly partners in crime.

Though they've been together for seven years, there was no rush for the actors to label themselves as engaged. In a February interview with Cosmopolitan, Richardson admitted the word fiancé felt "pretentious" and an engagement wasn't necessary to prove their love. "Neither of us are used to it. We still call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re just engaged," she said. "I love Brett. And we’ll get married one day." That level of certainty, and a good story over pizza, is all that really matters.