This Inclusive Beauty Instagram Features Makeup Looks For "Him, Her, Them & Everyone"

When it comes to inclusion in beauty, many brands fall short. While there are more and more companies that are taking representation seriously — featuring all different kinds of skin tones, bodies, and genders — others continue to skim by with the bare minimum. But Fluide Beauty's Instagram shows what the beauty world would look like if it was truly inclusive, opening its doors to all sorts of genders, sexualities, skin tones, and expressions.

Sometimes when brands make the switch from featuring one beauty ideal (usually a fair skinned woman) to a more diverse marketing representation, their inclusion feels slightly forced, where they add one or two women of color in their advertising and consider the job done. While more and more makeup brands have a more diverse depiction of their client base in their adverts and social media accounts now, very few open up their idea of what inclusion is and feature men, gender fluid people, and different gender expressions and identities. And scrolling through Fluide's Instagram, one gets a sense of what a truly diverse and open beauty world would look like.

Fluide is a collection of cruelty-free makeup designed for "him, her, them & everyone." Veering towards the colorful, playful, and experimental, the brand carries shadow palettes, lip glosses, liquid lipstick, nail polish, and glitter, giving you plenty to play with.

"Fluide was created with the belief that makeup is a tool of transformation and a powerful means of self-actualization. Inspired by our community, Fluide showcases radical, forward-thinking style," Fluide shared on their site.

Their products are also named after queer spaces around the world as a way to highlight the importance of having safe spaces for the LGBTQ community.

On their Instagram, you can see a variety of different skin tones, gender expressions, and sexualities, showing just how far the beauty world has to go if it wants to make representation and inclusion their mantra and not just a marketing maneuver.

From nonbinary individuals with mustaches and red lipstick, to women of color rocking glitter lips and sparkle shadow, to bearded folks wearing a bold plum lip, there is no "formula" or beauty standard one has to hit in order to wear Fluide's makeup or be featured on their social media. You just have to have a love for makeup and have fun experimenting with your look — whether that's boldly or subtly.

It's important to push against the beauty industry assigning makeup to a narrow gender identity, and by showing all sorts of gender expressions experimenting with their cosmetics, Fluide is able to normalize that reality.

But this kind of representation doesn't just end on their social media. Fluide incorporates their commitment to diversity by also including models of all genders, identities, and races on their website and in their product photos.

The end result is a snapshot of what the beauty world would look like if it was truly open to all.

While we might not be there yet, one can be optimistic and say that we're getting there — and Fluide is leading the way.