Fossil Is Bringing Back Its Iconic Mood Watch For A Limited Time

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Fossil announces the reissue of it's iconic Mood watch that was first introduced to Fossil fans in 1...
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Attention classic jewelry lovers: Fossil’s popular mood watch is coming back, but it's not the same one you remember from your childhood. This modern re-issue is way more chic than the one you used to have.

Fossil first launched its mood ring watch in 1996 where the dial changed colors using heat reactive technology. As part of Fossil’s collectible Archival Series, the watch was brought back in 2018, but sold out immediately. The mood watch included six preset moods and colors: black for anxiousness or excitement, blue green for calmness, dark blue for happiness and love, green for sensitivity, amber green for uneasiness, and amber for nervousness.

Fossil is bringing the nostalgic watch back a second time and similar to the previous model, it will also base its color-changing properties on the wearer’s heart rate. The 2019 edition of the mood watch also differs from last year's version as it will be available in a black-on-black 42mm steel plated case or 32mm rose gold-tone case that comes with black leather straps.

“Fossil fans are truly an incredible group, and have loyally stayed with us on our journey for almost 35 years,” Fossil Group EVP Steve Evans tells Bustle. “Following the successful re-launch of the Mood Watch last fall, we knew we owed it to our fans (new and existing alike) to bring back iconic watch designs for today’s watch–wearer.”

The watch makes for a great holiday gift, especially with its smiley face-covered tin can package. The mood watch is available now in select Fossil stores and online at for $119. Here’s what to expect in this moody drop.

Fossil Mood Watch

The 2018 Mood Watch version featured a brown leather strap with a silver 42mm steel plated case. But the 2019 edition features a sleeker black matte finish that's wearable for anyone on any occasion. Plus, the back of the 2019 edition's watch is engraved with each mood color's meaning, so you'll never have to wonder what you're feeling.

This moody gift is offered as part of the Archival Series that Fossil introduced in March to bring back classic designs. The series includes other iconic Fossil watches such as the Limited Editon Starmaster and the Hologram watch, which also came out in the same decade.

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