How To Make Coffee Like A Total Pro This National Coffee Day

by Kaitlyn Wylde

While for many, every day might be coffee day, for the rest of the country, Friday, Sept. 29 is the official National Coffee Day. That's right — a whole day dedicated to coffee. As we get into this transitional end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall period where the temperatures are up and down and all over the place, our coffee orders fluctuate from cold to hot to cold to hot to I don't even know anymore. So, I figure, considering it's National Coffee Day on Sept. 29, and that day just so happens to be one of those weirds ones where you need a coat for the morning and a tank top for the afternoon, there's no better time than now to talk about all the different ways to brew the same coffee at home — whether you want it hot or iced. They're all super easy, and create subtle variations in coffee flavor and intensity which can make the difference between a morning of yawning and a morning of slaying (or a morning of anxious toe-tapping, let's be honest).

In honor of the national holiday, I'll walk you through each brewing method so that you, too, can spiff up your morning caffeine routine. Because let's be real: not all brews are created equal. Some days you're all about the cold brew, and other days you're all about that aromatic French Press. And while temperature is definitely an influence, so is mood and so is breakfast food. Coffee can totally transform your morning and your meal. So you'll want to keep all four methods handy — you never know when the mood for a different brew will strike you.

Here's how to brew the same coffee, four ways, from home:

Pour Over


Use: OXO Glass Pour-Over Dripper, $25, OXO | OXO Double Wall Glass Server, $30, OXO

This explanatory method takes under four minutes to complete. It's really as easy as it looks: you just put a filter and ground coffee in the dripper, add hot water slowly (pouring more over the coffee filter every 30 seconds), and and wait for it to filter through into your coffee pitcher or cup. Plus, pour-over systems like this OXO glass pour-over dripper work well with a collection pot and cork top to keep the coffee warm, so that by the time you're on your third cup, it's still warm. This method creates a pot of coffee that's quite full-bodied and clean tasting.

French Press


Use: OXO French Press 8-Cup, $40, OXO

In my opinion, French Press is the easiest way to drink coffee. By letting the ground coffee beans sit for a while, the flavor ends up being incredibly rich, as little is actually filtered out. All you do is put the ground coffee in the French press, pour as much hot water as you want, and then cap it with the lever pulled up. When a few minutes have passed and you feel the coffee is brewed enough, just press the lever down — and voila! You can pour your cup of coffee. Even better, the pitcher is relatively easy to clean out. OXO makes four different French Press pots that are perfect for this method, all of which are super easy to use.

Cold Brew


Use: OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $49, OXO

Cold brewing is definitely more of a process than just brewing hot coffee, as it has to sit overnight. But if you love yourself some cold brew, you know it's well worth the wait. Steeping the ground coffee beans overnight in room temperature water (24 hours if the water is cold or refrigerated) produces a heavily concentrated pot of coffee that's so strong, it needs to be diluted once you pour it in your cup. But taking the time to set up your cold brew before bed is totally worth it — it's ready when you wake up! Additionally, while it's best served over ice, it can also be warmed up and enjoyed as a stronger alternative to your hot-brewed coffee. This OXO cold brew coffee maker makes it really easy to make a really strong cup of joe.

Coffee Maker


Use: OXO Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker, $200, OXO

If you're all about that classic cup of coffee, this OXO hot-brewer will take the thinking out of coffee making. Simply add water, a fresh filter, and some ground coffee beans and let it go to work on creating the perfect cup of flavorful joe. Done and done!