Fox Didn’t Think The Russia Grand Jury Was A Big Deal & Twitter Pounced On It

by Bronwyn Isaac
Fox News

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal broke the news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is impaneling a grand jury to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 elections. While many news outlets were busy breaking the story, Fox News botched the Russia grand jury news, by not breaking it immediately. Unsurprisingly, people on Twitter immediately took their clever shots at the television news company.

Technically, Mueller's grand jury for the Trump-Russia investigation could result in the criminal charges being leveraged against the White House. Thomas Zeno, a former federal prosecutor, told The Wall Street Journal that involving a grand jury is a significant move. "It shows he [Mueller] is very serious. He wouldn’t do this if [the investigation] were winding down," Zeno said.

Given the significance of this news, it's unsurprising that people took notice of the momentary lapse in coverage by Fox News. Even after Fox News caught up with other outlets and released a report on Mueller impaneling a grand jury, the world of Twitter was already aflame with jokes about the lapse in coverage.

While the punchlines ranged from pure absurdism to brief critiques of Fox News' political allegiances, one thing is for sure, people were having a lot of fun with it.

In case you missed the parade of bits, here are just a few of the best tweets roasting Fox News.

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As you can gather from this nearly endless list of tweets, today was a productive day for Twitter roasts pointed at Fox News. And more importantly, today marked a symbolically huge day for Mueller's investigation into Russian interference during the 2016 election, and signifies how serious this case is.