Fox News Cut Bill O'Reilly's Name From The 'Factor' Logo — PHOTO

After a number of sexual harassment allegations dating back to 2004 surfaced against conservative talk show host Bill O'Reilly, Fox News confirmed on Wednesday morning that he would not be returning to the network. And they apparently wasted no time severing ties. The Wednesday evening broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor noticeably excluded O'Reilly's name from the logo of the show that he hosted for over two decades. Following his ouster, O'Reilly maintained that the allegations against him were unfounded.

The episode, which aired just hours after O'Reilly's dismissal earlier in the day, displayed a title card that simply read The Factor. Fox News commentator Dana Perino began the newly re-named show by addressing O'Reilly's absence in a statement to viewers.

O'Reilly's name has not only been scrubbed from the show's logo, but also from the Fox News website. O'Reilly is no longer listed as a member of the Fox team online, and the former website for The O'Reilly Factor now redirects to a general Fox News page.

21st Century Fox made the decision to let go of O'Reilly after mounting pressure from advertisers, many of whom pulled their ads from The O'Reilly Factor after The New York Times reported on April 1 that O'Reilly and the network paid up to $13 million in settlements over the past 14 years to women who accused the talk show host of sexually harassing them. The network eventually chose to oust O'Reilly, despite the fact that he leads the network's ratings, after "a thorough and careful review of the allegations."

Again, O'Reilly denies the claims against him. In a statement released on Wednesday after his dismissal, he doubled down on his claims that the allegations were unfounded.

Fellow Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson will replace O'Reilly in the 8 p.m. EST prime-time slot beginning Monday.