Frank Body's Lip Duo Will Give You Baby Soft Lips For A Good Cause

Courtesy Frank Body

Fall is coming, which means it's time to amp up your skincare routine. It also means it might be time for your yearly gyno exam. Yes, I went there — and so did this brand. For the month of September, Frank Body is donating all proceeds of their famed Lip Duo to charity. The charity on the receiving end of the dollars is Pink Hope, an Australian organization helping to fund breast and ovarian cancer research, prevention, and support.

This isn't just any charitable event, though. The cause hits home to Frank Body's founders, and goes way beyond just a donation.

Co-founder Jess Hatzis lives with polycystic ovary syndrome, a disorder that causes women to be at a higher risk of some ovarian cancers. With Hatzis at the helm, the brand is taking their efforts one step further than just raising money for the cause. Frank's Body is using the campaign to urge women talk about reproductive health and get to know their bodies.

If you haven't tried out Frank Body's Lip Duo yet, this is the perfect time. The two-part product comes with the brands iconic lip scrub and lip balm — and is constantly sold out on the website. As an avid user, I can wholeheartedly say that there's a reason why everyone loves these products. They really do work, people!

The full price of the product, minus manufacturing costs, will go to Pink Hope. Think of it as your own personal gift for giving back.

According to the brand's blog, there are four ways to find out if you're a "babe at risk." It all starts with knowing your body, getting checked out, learning your family history, and spreading the word.

Courtesy Frank Body

The Lip Duo, which is all-natural and vegan, is available on the Frank Body website right now.

You might have the entire month of September to shop, but there's a good chance that this item will sell out fast — especially after people get wind of this incredible cause.

Courtesy Frank Body

So stop what you're doing and get to shopping. Oh, and schedule that gyno check-in, too.