This Christmas Movie Stars An Actual Married Couple & It Might Just Be Your New Fave

Freeform/John Medland

Netflix may have captured our holiday-loving hearts by introducing us to the masterpiece known as A Christmas Prince last year, but Freeform is doing its best to up its game and has revealed one very promising rom-com to its "25 Days of Christmas" line-up. Titled No Sleep 'Til Christmas, the trailer features the film's two main stars Dave Annable and Odette Annable, who — as you may have guessed judging by their mutual last names — are married. That's right, there is an original Christmas movie starring an IRL married couple coming to your televisions. And yes, in case you were already wondering, their chemistry definitely translates well on-screen.

Odette stars as Lizzie, a big shot event planner who's in the process of planning her dream wedding to her fiancé Josh (played by Charles Michael Davis). The only problem is, she can't seem to get a wink of sleep, which is definitely not going to work if she hopes to look her very best for the big day. However, after accidentally hitting a bartender named Billie (played by Dave), who just so happens to be an insomniac as well, the two of them soon discover that they're able to get a good night's sleep if — and only if — they sleep next to each other. Yeah, there's no way that's going to complicate things, right?

So what is it about one another that makes them such compatible sleeping buddies? Knowing how these holiday movies typically go, it doesn't take a crystal ball to see where this storyline is undoubtedly heading. The initial plan to sleep together (and that's using the term "sleeping" quite literally) may have started out as a purely professional way for both of them to get some much needed shut eye, however, it seems the more time they spend together, the closer they become both in bed and outside of it.

Neither Dave nor Odette, who recently celebrated their eight-year anniversary, are unfamiliar with charming audiences on the small screen. For her part, Odette has appeared in multiple, widely popular TV shows, such as House as Dr. Jessica Adams, The Astronaut Wives Club where she played Trudy Cooper, and Supergirl, which found her portraying Samantha Arias (aka Reign). Meanwhile, Dave is probably best known for playing Justin in Brothers & Sisters, a show on which Odette also guest-starred, and he also starred in 666 Park Avenue and Red Band Society. Despite their long resumés, they haven't really had the chance to star in something together, so No Sleep Til Christmas will definitely be a treat.

The trailer alone showcases just how comfortable the two of them are with one another on-screen, which should make for some real rom-com magic. So in case you were already starting to wonder what your next new holiday movie obsession would be, then look no further. No Sleep 'Til Christmas, which is set to premiere on Monday, Dec. 10 at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform, looks to be the perfect blend of romance and holiday cheer to help keep you merry all year round. Who thought the idea of not sleeping would ever sound so appealing?