11 Ways To Email Your Friendsgiving Invite In A Super-Creative Way

by Brittany Bennett

For an unofficial holiday, there's no reason not to get ~official~ with it. You might think that a GIF sent out to your group text will do to get everyone over for dinner. And hey, to be fair, it really can be that simple. But, why not make Friendsgiving feel more special with these invitation templates for Friendsgiving 2017? It will certainly give the dinner a this-will-be-one-to-remember vibe, for starters.

Friendsgiving is the time of year to show your gratitude to your fam through platters of glazed mashed potatoes and maple roasted carrots. I'm talking about your ~fam~ here, as opposed to your family. Your fam is the squad you consciously reach out to for advice. The people in your life who you will willingly explain the details as to why you don't have a significant other with you this year. But they probably already know all of this information like your life is their favorite show to tune into. Friends are frankly the best. So, don't they deserve the best?

I know you can do much better than an assembly of very funny GIFs to get your friends to come over for a sit-down dinner. Save the memes for the "Thank You's" you'll send off post nap. In the meantime, I've compiled an assortment of templates to get going on your very fancy Friendsgiving invites that'll have all your BFFs RSVPing "yaaaaas."

Vendémiaire Template By Putnam & Putnam

If your crew is of the sophisticated variety, a tasteful and elegant template choice will surely attract their pointer to the "YES" option. Sending out this invite means you'll probably have the most robust floral arrangements late fall has to offer accessorizing most of the table, right? Paperless Post has a show stopping library of templates to send out this Friendsgiving season.

Forest Feast

Another on Paperless Post. All our forest friends are gathered civilly around the table in this sweet graphic. Let's be real, the scene around your table doesn't have to be as civilized when the lot of you are gathered around a catwalk of your favorite foods.

Market Table

What is more tempting that an invitation so beautiful you would add it to your gallery wall collection of frames? This Autumnal harvest design on Paperless Post will have guests looking forward to the abundance of vegetables.

Turkey Celebration Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation

Canva offers an extensive list of free services that will have you feeling like a graphic designer. Friendsgiving templates are readily available for you to punch your information into or sign up to design your own personalized invitation.

Cream Autumn Leaves Thanksgiving Invitation

Friendsgiving isn't all about gathering around a table to stuff our faces with Mom's Best Stuffing. It's also about sharing gratitude — like, towards each other for being our live and in-person audio journals year round. This template on Canva gets that. After you're through passing the turkey, give someone a hug.

Give Thanks Chalkboard

This chalkboard template on Punchbowl is as simple as they come for the type of friends who like to keep things as tidy and straightforward as possible in today's overstimulated world.

Pumpkin Pie Potluck

What is any fall holiday without a helping or 10 of pie? Even if you're a cake person, you have to admit that pie is unusually appetizing around this time of year. But be advised, sending out a watercolor pie on the invitation, like this one from Punchbowl, does insinuate that there will be pie served.

Crock N Roll

This template by Evite is easy ~and free~ to customize. Even though it's colors are a little off brand with the typical hues of fall, it still as inviting and on theme as ever. This is the perfect template to use if you're going for an all out Crockpot potluck.

Friendsgiving Potluck

This banner of an invitation from Evite is free for you to bcc to all of your friends. And the best part is is that it gives you some inspiration for setting the table. And ideas of what to bring. Someone should definitely bring a croissant.


If your friends share a sweet tooth in common, maybe you'll consider turning your Friendsgiving feast into an all out pie tasting. If this sounds like your fam, this invite from Greetings Island is the most appropriate template for you guys.

Custom Classic

To make your Friendsgiving template the most tailored to your friends that it can possibly be, choose one that allows you to import your favorite group picture, like this one from Greetings Island.