This Nail Polish Changes Color With The Wave Of A Magnet & It's Mesmerizing

There's a new nail trend in town, and it's perfect for all those color lovers out there. If you love to coat your nails with more than one hue, then F.U.N Lacquer's magnetic polishes are going to catch your interest. For the brand's four year anniversary, they have released a trio of magnetic nail polishes that beautifully shift in color when a magnet is present, creating a mesmerizing galaxy-like design. Shifting from blue to purple or rust to gold, it's just the things for those people that can't decide on just one shade.

Now, if you keep on top of nail trends, you might be thinking that magnetic polishes aren't anything new. And you're right – but the innovation didn't really catch on like wildfire back when it first appeared a couple of years back. However, what makes this particular formula different is that it has the internet jazz-handing for more.

If you're curious about how the polish works and shifts colors, the formulas hold metallic particles that move around the color pigments in the polish when they're activated by a magnet. You can only move the pigments when the polish is still wet, but once a magnet is present the metal particles rise upwards, letting you create colorful, swirly patterns. It's also recommended that you hold the magnet over the spot you want between 15 to 30 seconds to lock the design into place. Just make sure you don't hold the magnet so close that you accidentally bump your wet nails.

The collection that F.U.N. Lacquer has released carries three different colors: Harmony (a rust and olive green color), Incredible (magenta purple and gold), and Believe (turquoise blue and purple).

You can get the three polishes for $42, and the special magnet for $6 at F.U.N. Laquer's website. The magnetic wand has two heads, letting you create different shapes across your nails. The rectangular head allows you to create linear lines, and the circle one helps create swirly designs. As for the actual polish, if you don't want to commit to a trio set, each bottle costs $12 on its own.

The renewed interest for the hue-shifting colors took off when YouTuber SimplyNailogical tested them on video and showed just how magical they could be. Acknowledging that the colors are mutli-chrome (and the nail art world isn't exactly short on multi-chrome colors), she goes on to show that what makes this selection particularly special is that you can control how the colors shift, creating a custom hue and design.

To get a closer inspection of the different hues available, look below to see them up close and personal.


Incredible Nail Polish

Incredible Nail Polish, $12, F.U.N. Lacquer

Incredible is a multi-chrome polish that plays with gold and a bright magenta hue, creating a universe-like effect. To boost up the "night sky" image, you can also layer the mutli-color polish with a clear glitter polish called Diamond Dust, like we can see in this Instagram photo.


Harmony Nail Polish

Harmony Nail Polish, $12, F.U.N. Lacquer

This closeup shows you a more intimate look at how the colors shift and swirl inside the bottle. It has a dark olive green tinge and a metallic rust color, creating the perfect winter look. The F.U.N. Lacquer team made it look extra holographic and galaxy-tinged by layering the sparkly polish Diamond Dust on top, showing you how versatile and creative this product is.


Believe Nail Polish

Believe Nail Polish, $12, F.U.N. Lacquer

Play with shades of purple, turquoise, and black with this dark midnight shade. Use the magnet to bring out the different colors, teasing out the different shades of blue and purple to get it as colorful or as dark as you want.

If you love playing with nail art and experimenting with something that allows you to flex your creativity, this is a great product to try out. Your nails will be downright magnetic.