Funny Earth Day Memes To Share On Facebook

by Chelsey Grasso

While protecting the Earth is no laughing matter, these 13 funny Earth Day memes will give you something to chuckle about this Apr. 22. Earth Day may officially fall once a year, but in reality, shouldn't we be celebrating it every day of the year (and more importantly, practicing it every day of the year)? If we want the Earth to be around for as long as possible (and in a way that's habitable for humans), then that answer is yes. Definitely yes.

There are hundreds of ways to get involved with Earth Day, both on a large scale and on a small one, but more than anything, it's vital to keep spreading the word and encouraging others to also be involved. Why? Because we're not going to be able to restore this planet to a healthy state without the help of everybody on it. Sure, it might seem like an impossible task, but isn't it something worth fighting for?

If you want to see your children and your children's children thriving on this beautiful planet that has already given mankind so much, then it's time to start giving back to the environment. While these hilarious memes will garner some laughs, remember that Earth Day is not a joke, but rather, a reminder of the fact that the Earth's fate is held in our hands.

Major fail. Let's hope those got picked up.

It's a way of life.

We gonna party like it's your Earth Day.

Preach, Batman. Preach.

Will Smith apparently has a lot to share on Earth Day.

Such hypocrites.

Cute, bear. Real cute.

Even Grumpy Cat can get on board.

Creepy, but I'd do it for Earth Day.

Not that kind of green...

Images: Ben White/Unsplash