Funny Easter Memes That Will Make Your Holiday Weekend Brighter

Easter traditions are pretty weird when you stop to think about them... bunnies that somehow produce colorful eggs? They're not entirely logical, but that doesn't stop these 12 funny Easter memes from coming up with entirely hilarious ways of interpreting them. From making fun of those giant chocolate bunnies we all love to eat every year to having a laugh at the tripled church attendance on Easter Sunday, you should get a good chuckle from scrolling through these memes.

Whether you celebrate Easter in the traditional Christian fashion or indulge in all of the nonsensical Easter Bunny traditions that America has grown to love, Easter is a good time for everybody. The fact that spring has just begun only adds to those positive vibes of life and renewal. No matter how you'll be spending your Easter on Sunday, I hope it's with a smile on your face and with friends and family by your side (and keep that Easter community laughing by sharing these hilarious memes with them on Easter Sunday!).

OK, enough chitchat, it's time to get to the jokes. Sit back and buckle up, because these memes may just have you rolling on the floor if you don't. Yes, they're that funny... even funnier than the idea of a bunny laying eggs.


No, you should recognize them from Christmas.

Credit where credit's due.

Has anybody confirmed Sunday with Steve Harvey yet?

Too delicious not to eat.

I'm pretty sure everyone contemplates what to bite first.

When you find the easter egg jackpot at the back corner of the field.

Oh my gosh... if only!

Yeah, that's pretty much how it goes down.

Image: Annie Spratt/Unsplash