Superb Owl Memes You'll Find Hilarious, Regardless Of Who You're Rooting For

by Mika Doyle
Charles McQuillan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So many people are making the same typo when trying to Google the Super Bowl that you've now got hilarious "Superb Owl" memes to enjoy, according to USA Today. It's a pretty easy mistake to make, and it's now such a common keystroke-error that people have started posting fluffy and adorable owl-related content to acknowledge this year's "superb owl" trend, says USA Today. Even Google itself has gotten in on the fun; just search for "superb owl Sunday" to see the Super Bowl Owl Google has added right next to information about this year's game.

No matter what team you're rooting for this year, it's pretty hard not to get behind memes filled with wide-eyed birds who look like they just want to hang out and be your friend. And people are really getting behind the trend, posting videos, images, and GIFs of owls who are serious about their football. These owls are packing locker rooms, getting ready for kick off, and even helping answer Super Bowl-related questions on Jeopardy about "hoo" will win the big game this year.

Whether you're a mega fan or are just watching for the hilarious commercials, here are some funny "Superb Owl" memes to enjoy while you watch tonight's game.


This Troupe Of Owls Who Are Ready For Action

This troupe of fluffy littles ones area ready, coach. They've been training all season and have come to do the things and win the points.


This Wise Jeopardy Contestant

Just "hoo" will win Superb Owl Sunday? It's a real head-turner, this one.


This Owl Who's Ready For Kick-Off

It's Superb Owl Sunday. Forget the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patrios; these fans are rooting for the Owls.


This Deadly Serious Owl

Cue to theme song to Jaws as you await this year's Superb Bowl Sunday to begin. Soon, football fans. Soon.


This Owl "Hoo" Isn't Playing Around

This owl isn't here to play games; this owl is here to win. Now pass the nachos.


This Half-Time Snack-Time Owl

This owl prefers to focus on its half-time snack game. Not everyone's here to watch the game. Hey, we're not here to judge.


This Stately Football Owl

This owl is ready for its close up for the next Superb Owl Sunday football spread.


These Winning Owls

These owls have been practicing plays all season and ready to do this thing.


This Vintage Owl

The Super Bowl has been around for a long time, and so has this Superb Owl. They might not seem related, but they're both pretty super. Or superb.


This Powerfully Superb Owl

The owl is truly superb for a reason, and this graphic breaks down why it's such a mighty creature.


Stephen Colbert Throwing An Owl

It doesn't quite get more superb (or superbly weird) than a GIF of The Late Show Host Stephen Colbert throwing an owl like a football.


This Sad But Superb Owl

This owl knows it's superb, but it seems sad about it anyway. It's OK, Owl, you're superb just the way you are.


This Owl That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood

It wouldn't be a complete list of superb owls without Owl from Winnie the Pooh. He's here to just state the facts on game day, 'cause that's just how he rolls.


After seeing all of this adorableness, it almost doesn't matter who wins tonight's game. Unless you superbly love football, that is.