'Game Of Thrones' Actor Peter Dinklage's New Movie Released A Teaser That Will Spook You

For years, Game of Thrones fans have watched Peter Dinklage's Tyrion navigate the often perilous world of Westeros, a dystopian fantasyland dreamt up by George R.R. Martin, the series' creator and author. Interestingly enough, the new I Think We're Alone Now teaser trailer, which Momentum Pictures released via YouTube Tuesday, July 24, also sees Dinklage maneuvering his way through some kind of otherworldly dystopian landscape.

With that being said, those fans who've been itching to see the quick-witted actor shine in another role similar to the one he plays on GoT might want to check out the new teaser video before jumping to any conclusions about its tenor. Because, while the circumstances weathered by Dinklage's GoT character might share some rudimentary characteristics with those of Del — his character from I Think We're Alone Now — the similarities pretty much stop there. Unlike the absurdly chaotic, war-torn land of Westeros, I Think We're Alone Now's new teaser trailer sees Dinklage navigating a comparatively more barren kind of dystopia.

In this case, barren quite literally means barren. As in, post-apocalyptic, no-life-in-sight kind of barren. Those who've watched as little as 10 seconds of the film's exceedingly creepy teaser video know this fact is made strikingly clear to the audience, pretty much from the get-go. The teaser opens on an eerily placid wide-shot of Dinklage (or his shadowy silhouette, anyway), back facing the camera, peering out over what looks like some sort of ephemeral ghost town, seconds before sunrise.

Though viewers haven't been explicitly introduced to his character at this point, a quick scan through the video's YouTube description gives Dinklage away. "Del (Peter Dinklage) is alone in the world," reads the description's harrowing first sentence. As it continues on to explain, Del soon finds out that he's not totally alone; he's actually one of just a handful of remnants from the fallen human race, which was, apparently, just about entirely wiped out by some kind of nameless apocalyptic disaster.

"Weren't you lonely?" an audibly exhausted voice (belonging to Elle Fanning, Dinklage's co-star in the film) asks somewhere offscreen, while the viewer watches Del descend from his sunrise lookout and traverse through the remains of his sleepy suburban town, which is totally desolate. "I'll tell you when it felt lonely," Del's voice responds, still offscreen. "It felt lonely when it was me and 1,600 other people in this town."

The teaser video, for its part, spans just a little more than a minute. But rest assured, after bearing witness to its chilling depiction of post-apocalyptic solitude, even the toughest Game of Thrones fans might find themselves grappling with a lingering bout of the heebie-jeebies. And just for the record: according to I Think We're Alone Now's new teaser video, post-apocalyptic solitude apparently looks a lot like taking a solo stroll down a desolate residential street paved with ominous white X's.

The video cuts off just as the drama is really starting to pick up, naturally. (That's why they call it a "teaser," right?) After very trepidatiously making his way down the X-lined street, Del approaches a semi-dilapidated turquoise car, which looks like it might've just recently collided with the concrete curb. Fanning and Dinklage's voiceover exchange seconds earlier seems to suggest that it might be Fanning's character, Grace, who Del finds inside the foreign vehicle.

But, in lieu of a more substantial follow-up trailer to hold us over in the meantime, audiences might just have to wait until the film hits theaters this September to find out who's actually behind the wheel of that little turquoise car. And when it does, those GoT fans who've got a serious penchant for knuckle-whiteners (with a side of fantasy, of course) will probably want to be there.