The Internet Is Responding To All Those GDPR Emails In The Most Hilarious Way

It's D-Day y'all, or should I say GDPR Day. Not sure if you're up on the news at the mo, but I am 100 percent sure you have noticed a lot of emails trickling into your inbox talking about laws changing, privacy, and so on. The ever increasing swath of emails with subjects like "don't wanna leave you now" or "let's stay in touch" evokes memories of exes that just won't quit. It's probably rude to reply with "give it up hun we are over, OK?" but my fingers have hovered above those damn keys, let me tell you. These emails have given birth to endless GDPR memes and tweets, and Twitter just cannot get enough.

OK, so what the heck is this GDPR business and how is it going to affect me? In short, as The Guardian reports, it is a change in EU law on protecting our data and privacy. It's designed to give you, as a user, more control of how businesses hold our data. Now that's out of the way, let's get to the real hard-hitting stuff, the crème de la crème of stuff. Let's talk about what's really important: What memes have come out of this and what is going down on Twitter?

Who invented the internet and/or why it was invented is often a point of contention, but IMO, the internet was invented to help make sense of the news and to help procrastinate.

Many saw the opportunity for incredible GDPR-related memes and decided to let the floodgates open and eat them all up.

Ah, yes, delicious procrastination. Traversing the Twittersphere and seeing what is up with this GDPR has not necessarily helped in understanding it, but it has certainly brought the LOLs.

It feels like GDPR information is being thrown at us no matter where you go or what you're doing.

The hilariously emotive nature of these emails has not gone unnoticed. Whoever thought marketing emails could love you so much?

Maybe this could be the new version of @textsfromyourex?

These emails are akin to the most serious questions of our time. Is the dress blue and black? Or is it white and gold?

With many slightly confused by the changes in GDPR, it's not quite clear who we need to contact about it to let them know we are still down to communicate.

OK, so maybe mum doesn't have to be informed, but many businesses are covering themselves just in case. I guess if you wanted to keep in touch with this butcher, you could say nice to meat you. Please, stop me now.

You have to give credit to businesses for making light of all the email spam.

Star Wars fans had their own fangasms when director Rian Johnson dropped this peach.

Considering almost nobody ever anywhere has actually wanted to receive marketing emails, this crazy deluge of emails is surely sort of counterproductive, no?

Data protection laws that have been made for our own data security but are kind of hard to understand are their very own punchline. GDPR jokes are dropping like hot potatoes. Come on, guys, this is serious!

OK, that was frickin' hilarious.

Even animals have been receiving spam emails asking them to keep in touch. How far does this have to go?

Look, these changes are actually super important; you maybe do need to contact some important peeps about this mailing list business. I do not want to get forgotten this year.

It's fair enough to say this day has been looming for a while, and honestly, I bet everyone is super relieved to no longer be getting endless "please don't leave me" type emails. However, please say the memes don't have to stop. I don't want to break up with them just yet.