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Genius Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Sanctuary Of Relaxation

Let's face it: Our homes aren't always the most relaxing places we see all day. Whether you have a roommate who loves to leave their dishes piled up in the sink, or a neighbor with an affinity for blasting polka music during odd hours, chances are good that you've suddenly found yourself trying to enjoy a little downtime — and discovered that it's not all that easy.

If anyone knows firsthand how much you deserve to feel totally at peace in your own home, it's Steffy Degreff. Not only does Steffy stay busy maintaining her lifestyle blog, Steffy's Pros + Cons, on top of her popular Instagram feed, but she's also a mom to her 16-month-old son, Hudson. With so many tasks always packed into a single day, it's no wonder that she's become an expert at maintaining totally tranquil vibes at home — and we couldn't resist asking her to spill her secrets so you can do the same.

That’s exactly why Bustle and Steffy have teamed up with BENADRYL®, which is all about helping you tame seasonal allergies so they won't get in the way of your downtime. To find out how Steffy makes every space in her home feel like a sanctuary of relaxation, we caught up with her to see all of her simplest and most genius ideas. Read on to steal her tips, then kick back in your own space and enjoy your restful end-of-day moments — you deserve it.

Keep Your Inspiration Front And Center

Gregory Reid

“I’m constantly shooting pictures for Instagram, and I'm always on the lookout for fresh ideas to keep my feed interesting. To help reignite my creativity, I keep books front and center around my home so I can flip through them for a bit of inspiration. For me, there’s nothing like a coffee table book filled with great imagery, but it doesn’t just have to be books on your shelves! Whatever you find inspiration from — maybe it’s cooking, sewing, or even baseball! — keep those items beautifully displayed on your shelves so it’s always in the front of your mind!”

Set The Mood With Your Favorite Tunes

Gregory Reid

“When you're out in the world, you're constantly sharing your space with other people, so making your home feel like your personal oasis is so important! For me, this means always having some mood music playing. No matter what room I'm in or what I'm doing, I always have a cool playlist or one of my favorite indie rock bands playing in the background. Having it on reminds me that I'm in my domain and helps me wind down and feel relaxed. I have a fun Bluetooth speaker that I can easily carry with me from room to room, but there's nothing quite like hanging out on my couch, which has our record player and a neat stack of vinyls displayed next to it.”

Give Overlooked Spaces Some Attention, Too

Photo: Gregory Reid; Use BENADRYL® only as directed.

“I work from home at least 90 percent of the time, and I also happen to be very type A, so if I see a messy corner of my living room or a dusty shelf in my closet, then that’s it — I can’t do my work! Pair my preference for clearing out dust with my seasonal allergies, and you’ll understand why I like to keep BENADRYL® handy to help tame my itchy, watery eyes. Plus, keeping my home tidy and my allergies under control helps me ensure I’m making the most of my end-of-day moments with my husband and son.”

Set Yourself Up For A Relaxing Tomorrow

Gregory Reid

“One of the last things I do every night before I go to bed is pick out which clothes I'm going to wear the next day and neatly lay them out on a chair in my room. At this point, I know that if I don't do this, it'll be on my mind while I'm trying to sleep and likely keep me up! Plus, taking care of this ahead of time lets me both end my day and begin a new one on a totally calm, organized note. Who doesn't want that?!”

Create A Calm Space For The End Of Your Day

Gregory Reid

“My favorite end-of-day activity is to sit down and write a few lines in my gratitude journal. I jot down a few happy things from my day, which can be as simple as having a good cup of coffee that morning. When I'm doing this, I like to be super cozy, so I surround myself with tons of fluffy pillows, an extra blanket, and calm, soothing lighting that helps me wind down.”

So, there you have it: A few very simple and very effective ways to ensure your home is inviting nothing but the most relaxing of vibes. Now, all that's left for you to do is pick out your favorite tip, make sure you've got your seasonal allergies under control, and enjoy your very well-deserved downtime at home.

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