The Books That Inspire Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadel To Fight For Change

Jai Stokes

In the months since Donald Trump has become president, more and more people have become inspired to join the Resistance — whether that means volunteering, campaigning, donating, making calls, educating themselves and others on the issues, or otherwise. Bustle's 31 Days of Reading Resistance takes a look at the role of literature and writing in the Resistance, both as a source of inspiration and as a tool for action.

Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel have devoted an entire book to teaching women that they are not powerless, so of course they have a lot to say on the topic of resistance. Their book We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere is all about inspiring women to be activists and to change the world.

As Nadel says, "If we feed our souls with joy and beauty we'll develop the crucial quality of resilience." And resilience is oh-so-important in today's political climate, so it's very important to both Anderson and Nadel that women remember to show themselves compassion, instead of burning out on the desire to fight back. We is backed full of advice for self-care and ways to find more meaning in your life — so that you're ready to join the Resistance stronger than ever.

We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere, $15.13, Amazon

Once you've soaked up the inspirational advice in Anderson and Nadel's book, these two strong women have three more book recommendations for you, each of which will remind you what we're fighting for.

Anderson and Nadel say: "[It's] outrageous and shocking that women's right to equal treatment in law is still not part of the USA's constitution. And now, of course, we have a president who embodies the reasons why we need one. A great book that arms us with the facts to continue making the case (still find it unbelievable that we have to) for why we need the Equal Rights Amendment.

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Anderson and Nadel say: "A beautiful, slim, elegiac rallying-cry. Personal and political. Read it, give it, leave it on a bus for another woman to read."

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Anderson and Nadel say: "We can't begin to address climate change unless we also tackle our current economic model which is predicated on infinite growth despite the fact we live on a planet with finite resources. And — of course — guess which gender are already bearing the brunt of the consequences of climate change? You got it — women."

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