These Leggings Are Made From Actual Fishing Nets, So Saving The Oceans Is Now Stylish

by Kali Borovic

Remember that brand that gave away free leggings made from recycled plastics? Well, it's at it's eco-friendly ways yet again. According to the brand's website, Girlfriend Collection's LITE Leggings are made from recycled fish nets. You can get a great outfit in four staple colors and fish can swim freely at the same time. It's a win-win.

This brand completely rocked the fashion realm when they came onto the market, and it's not slowing down. It all started with legging made from plastic bottles. Then the brand came up with the shirt that saved 682 gallons of water per shirt. Now Girlfriend Collective have made its thinnest leggings yet.

The LITE Collection is made from fishing nets that come from all over the world. According to the brand the recycled materials come from fisherman all over Europe, commercial fishing farms in Canada, and even NGO’s in developing countries like the Philippines. The result is the lightest leggings yet in four incredible colors.

"We wanted to do our part to help control the ocean plastic epidemic and one of the things we learned when researching is that fishing nets are one of the most dangerous kinds of ocean plastic," Quang Dinh, general manager of Girlfriend Collective, tells Bustle. "It’s estimated that 10% of all ocean garbage is discarded fishing gear, which if removed from the ocean (saving countless marine lives) can actually be upcycled into something new."

The idea for the leggings are two-fold. Yes, the brand has an eco-friendly reasoning behind every new item that it creates. But the LITE leggings also come from feedback from the Girlfriend Collective Community.

"Our customers have been requesting lighter, thinner, stretchier leggings from us, so it was the perfect solution to both problems, while also supporting a developing recycling industry," Dinh says. "With this new product, we hope to show people what a great opportunity recycled ocean plastic is and how easy it is to make a difference in cleaning and upcycling ocean litter."

You can buy the LITE Collection on the Girlfriend Collective website right now. There are both leggings and bras made from recycled fabrics, so you can get a full, eco-friendly set. The LITE leggings are $78 — $10 more than the original leggings — while the bras are $38 each. There are four colors to choose from, but the brand plans to expand as their customers ask for more options.

The launch of these leggings comes right smack dab in the middle of the push to ban plastic straws from restaurants to make oceans cleaner. Starbucks is the first brand to announce a plan to minimize plastic, although there are some downsides to banning them once and for all.

Girlfriend Collective's LITE leggings are helping in the fight to make oceans cleaner as well. As the brand mentioned above, ten percent of ocean's pollution is from discarded fishing gear. If you're wondering how it works, you might be surprised at how simple, as Dinh says, the process is.

"The process pretty simple," Dinh tells Bustle. "We intake all the fishing nets and other nylon waste at singular collection center, sort it, clean it, shred it down to small pieces and process it chemically to take it back down to liquid form. From that liquid, we return it to its original form of nylon chips where we then process those chips back into fiber that’s used in our fabric."

On top of saving the planet and making you look great, Girlfriend Collective also donates one percent of all sales from the collection to Healthy Seas — an organization that helps remove the nets from the oceans. The brand commented saying that it are still just a small startup of six people, so they give back as much as it can.

If this doesn't make you want to get in the ocean-saving spirit, then nothing will. Because it's you're going to do it, you might as well do it in style.