'Girls' Ended Without Music During The Final Credits & It Seems Hannah's Moving On

Mark Schafer/HBO

It seems only fitting that Girls would end with no finale music. The last time we saw Hannah we heard her cooing to her son, Grover, instead of listening to music. On a show with consistently-epic closing music, it was somehow the most pitch-perfect way to end an episode dedicated to showing us the rocky new phase called "motherhood" taking over Hannah's life with just the sound of her voice. So soothing, right?

For the entire finale, titled "Latching," all Hannah wanted to do was make sure Grover didn't hate her (he definitely didn't) and that she was appreciated for the fact that she was at least trying to be a good mom (she definitely was). At the end of the day, and the end of this finale, all that mattered was that she was with Grover. That's exactly what happened and it was so beautiful to watch.

As a result of this lasting connection that was forged between Hannah and Grover, we didn't need music. While previous Girls episodes ended with a song and making the episode feel like a warm, sonic blanket of comfort, there was something even warmer and more comforting about listening to Hannah just talk softly to Grover. He managed to latch on to her and breastfeed properly, she felt validated, and that seemed to be another hurdle overcome in the first months of Hannah's new life.


Hannah had a tough time adjusting to motherhood in "Latching." By the time things ended, all we needed was to know that things were going to be OK. There's no need for music at a time like this. All that we needed to assure us that things were going to be OK was the sound of Hannah telling us in her own voice.