Women Are Tweeting Their "Girls Supporting Girls" Stories & They Are Too Pure

If scientists could find a way to harness the power of girls supporting girls, maybe we wouldn't have a clean energy problem. According to popular wisdom, every woman has an inner queen bee in search of backs to stab, but clearly, this perception was created by people who never had the privilege of being admired by a drunk lady in the bathroom. (It's a super uplifting experience — I highly recommend it.) In a society where women are pitted against each other all to often, is there anything as wholesome as watching them support each other instead?

The answer, obviously, is a resounding nope. If you don't believe me, believe the stories Twitter users are sharing this week about their encouraging encounters with other women. The anecdotes may be simple, but they show just how easy it is to make someone's day.

On Saturday night, Arizona teen Anyssa Richardson tweeted about someone's reaction when Richardson complimented her about her nails. Instead of accepting the compliment and moving on, the girl whipped out her phone, pulled up the address of the salon where she had her nails done, and showed Richardson a photo of the building. "THATS [sic] girls supporting girls," Richardson tweeted.

The story caught the attention of other users, receiving more than 20,000 likes on Twitter. While some users commented to say the girl was just answering the question, most people agreed that she was being supportive. She could have kept her beauty tips to herself, but she chose to make darn sure Richardson would be able to look as nice as her.

Richardson's story was so cute, it inspired other women to share their own experiences. One user tweeted that a total stranger once gave her a flower patch straight off her outfit.

Another described the moment two strangers checked in to make sure she knew a man was following her in his car. (She was totally fine — it was her male roommate.)

Then there was the time a hair stylist did a bride's hair on a whim in a random bathroom.

As I mentioned above, it's a scientifically proven law that drunk girls give the best compliments.

To be fair, though, sober girls give surprisingly badass birthday presents.

One woman tweeted that once, she complimented someone's lipstick in a club, and the next thing she knew, the woman was applying it for her. This anecdote became even more popular than the initial one; by Thursday, it received more than 117,000 likes on Twitter.

Are you feeling feminist feelings yet? Because everyone else is.

Well, maybe not everyone. Some users chimed in with stories of women totally shutting them down.

But it's safe to say they're missing the point a bit. The idea is to celebrate the times girls have supported each other, and judging from the tweets above, there are plenty of these instances to choose from. So next time you feel the urge to compliment another woman — or anyone, for that matter — go for it. Who knows? You might end up as someone's Twitter anecdote one day.