Give Me Glow Cosmetics' Highlighter Is So Intense Your Camera Won't Be Able To Focus

If you're looking to stock your makeup collection with iridescent eyeshadows, holographic highlighters, and so-shimmery-it-hurts powders, then Give Me Glow Cosmetics is the brand you're going to want to turn towards. Stocked with the most intense colors on the market, their Instagram is filled with eye-blinding swatches that seem too good to be true. And even more exciting, they just brought back one of their most extreme highlighters from their vault: The Give Me Glow Halo Highlighter. Get your sunglasses ready, because this level of glow gets a little rough on the retinas.

Highlighters have taken over the beauty world the last couple of years, where they have spanned the spectrum in terms of styles and looks. There are the dewy, natural-looking illuminizers that give you a soft glow, and there are iridescent shimmers that bring pastel, duo-chrome colors to your cheeks, and some even pack on the glitter to disco-ball-like proportions. But the Halo Highlighter is on a whole other level — if you have been searching for an intense shine that makes you look like you have the glowing power of a demi-god, then look no further.

An electric gold hue with baby blue undertones, this is a duo-chrome highlight that swipes on super pigmented. The icy, metallic shades give it an ethereal-mermaid type of vibe, making you think of mythical beings.

The shade originally came out in 2015, but was discontinued once it sold out. Lucky for us, the vegan, cruelty-free brand is bringing it back from its vault and has made it available for purchase since Mar. 12. There's no telling if this will be a permanent part of their collection or if it's limited-edition, so make sure you don't dawdle if it has caught your eye. It has already gone out of stock once, prompting Instagram followers to bombard the brand's Instagram with comments asking to make it a permanent part of their collection. According to one buyer, the item sold-out in 12 minutes after it hit the website on the 12th.

"Please please please PLEASE restock it! I couldn't get it this time either please restock it and make it permanent. This highlighter is literally my life rn. I need it bad!" one person wrote. The brand answered back that it's only a four-person team, making it hard to keep up with re-stocks when products sell that quickly, but they are working on it. So don't be discouraged if you see that it's sold-out at the moment.

Costing $17.50 for a pan, it's in the mid-range price range, but the quality is clearly there.

While there are no reviews on the website yet, people have been writing their opinions underneath the brand's Instagram account, and it seems to be all positive so far. The number one worry was that the pictures of the illuminizer were edited in order to make it look that bright, but it turns out the swatches are true to life. "I got mine today today and I was worried that the swatches would just be super built up and I might be let down, but I was wrong and it is GORGEOUS!!!!! I can't wait to try the other highlighters you guys have, this is the best!" one follower wrote.

Others were just obsessed with the shade, writing things like, "I am deceased. This is the colour of my blood," and "dammmmnnnn u can see that from Pluto lmfao."

Some were already imagining what kind of makeup looks they could create, writing, "This would look amazing with a grey liquid lip." Some also reminded the brand that it's important to include swatches on darker complexions, as they also have non-white clients who are eager to buy their products. "I would really love to see a woc swatch of that," one person wrote.

A lot of people were also tagging famous beauty vloggers like Jeffree Star and Laura Lee, hoping they could do a video on it and prove that it's worth the purchase.

One thing is for sure: Keep your eye out for this highlighter because it's clearly exploding in the beauty world!