Valentine's Cards For The 'GoT' Fan In Your Life


Weddings are red, White Walkers are blue, and now you can use Game of Thrones to say, "I love you." While HBO's hit series Game of Thrones may not be the first place you would think to look for love, HBO Global Licensing created Game of Thrones Valentine's Day cards for all your romantic needs. Because nothing says, "be mine" like a card featuring a dragon on it, am I right?

These sweet notes feature Game of Thrones characters and puns, and have arrived just in time for V-Day. If you've procrastinated buying cards this year, look no further. After all, who wouldn't want a GoT note? Everyone knows this show is best known for its happily ever after romances. The cards, included below for your downloading joy, feature various GoT character figurines and toys available on HBO's online shop. So, let the Ygritte to your Jon, the Khal Drogo to your Daenerys, the Jaime to your Cersei — eh, scratch that, but you get what I mean... Let that special someone know how you feel this Valentine's Day, and say it with Game of Thrones. If your Valentine loves the HBO show, they'll love these punny Valentines, and they'll love you.

"I've Got My Eyes On You"



"You Melt My Icy Heart"


Wow, you must be made of Valyrian steel, then.

"You Swore Some Vows ... "


Teach the Jon Snow in your life a few things this Valentine's Day ... You know nothing, Jon Snow.

"I Would Conquer The Seven Kingdoms For You"


YASSS queen.

"You Are The Moon Of My Life"


My sun and stars... aww.

"You're My Brienne"


Say it with a mug!

If you were at a loss as to how to properly shower your partner with love this holiday, I hope these GoT cards come in handy, and that your union has a better ending than... pretty much any couple's on the show.