This Is The Only Cream I've Ever Tried That Doesn't Irritate My Sensitive Skin

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Courtesy of GlamGlow
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Having combination skin means that it's always been hard for me to find products that work across my entire face. For as long as I've had a proper beauty routine — and after trying out dozens of eye creams — I've always ended up having to use products like Aquaphor or Vaseline around my extremely sensitive, eczema-prone eye area, while using a regular cream for the rest of my face. But GlamGlow's MoistureTrip moisturizer has been a game-changer for me — even on the most delicate parts of my skin.

I first got the chance to test out the product while on a trip to Buffalo, New York with the brand. Initially, the idea of spreading the cream across my eye area didn't even cross my mind (too many literally painful memories). However, once I learned that MoistureTrip was not only GlamGlow's first fragrance-free product, but also boasted hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil and chaga mushrooms to soothe the skin and reduce redness, as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration, I figured I'd give it a shot. While I was terrified of triggering my skin, I knew that if ended up with a bad reaction, I could simply run to the drug store to get some hydrocortisone ointment that would help calm things down.

Still, being the natural skeptic I am, before I even put the cream anywhere on my face, I gave it a whiff to see if it was truly free of any obvious perfumes. Once it passed my sniff test, I put a little on the back of my hand to examine the consistency, and I was pleasantly surprised. I found the product to be lightweight, yet creamy, and deeply moisturizing, which made me feel a little better about putting it around my eyes.

Then came the moment of truth.

I prepped my skin by gently washing off my eye makeup using CeraVe's Foaming Facial Cleanser, then applied GlamGlow's InstaMud 60 Second Pore-Refining Treatment Mask all over my face, avoiding the eye area. Once I patted my face dry, I applied a dab of MoistureTrip to my forehead, chin, both cheeks, and a smidge just below my eyebrow. Terrified of feeling an immediate burning sensation, I rubbed the cream into the rest of my face first, then finally, patted it on my lids, as well as below my eyes.

I waited for a few seconds to see if my skin would start to freak out, but in a bizarre turn of events, nothing happened. My eye area simply just felt moisturized and smooth.

Confused by my own good fortune, I went to bed that night thinking that my skin not reacting badly was a fluke. And I was positive that I'd wake up the next morning with my eyes in shambles — but, once again, I was wrong.

Courtesy of Kayla Greaves

I've been using MoistureTrip for an entire week now, specifically as an eye cream, and I've yet to experience any type of irritation. I've been so pleased with the results that I've added this new product to my nightly routine for when my skin isn't acting up. But, of course, I'll definitely always keep my Aquaphor and hydrocortisone cream on deck for any random eczema flareups.

After having tested this product on my own skin, I would definitely recommend this to others who deal with dry or sensitive skin. However, since everyone's skin is different, it's always a good idea to see a dermatologist before applying any new products to areas that are prone to eczema or any other skin ailments, just in case.

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