This Is The Only Mini Hair Straightener I'll Use After Another Flat Iron Exploded On Me

In my experience, mini flat irons suck. They're flimsy, easy to break, don't get all that hot, and when they do, they explode on you. But Glister's Mini Adventurist Flat Iron might be the exception to the rule, and this is coming from someone who has tried a lot of mini hair straighteners in her day.

A few months ago I came back from a year-long trip across Europe, and having to confine my life to a 50 pound suitcase, I downsized a lot of things. One of those being my straightener. I cut back to a mini, thinking that was all I needed to look somewhat presentable while visiting castles and snacking at corner cafes.

The mini straightener helped for about a week, until one eventful afternoon when I plugged it into the wall and it exploded on me. Just as I was clipping my hair up to straighten the first piece, the iron hissed, paused, popped, and nearly blew out the outlet. I sat in my seat with my hair haphazardly pinned up, frowning disapprovingly at the hair tool. It had forsaken me.

I had to wear my hair up that day.

Luckily Germany (where I was at the time) had a European version of T.J.Maxx, and I got another one. That one didn't fare much better either, and lasted about three weeks before it crossed over into the afterlife. Suffice it to say my faith in mini hair tools was over with — until I came across Glister's Mini Adventurist.

Rather than being a flimsy plastic iron like my previous buys, the Adventurist is actually made with quality. Glister is so confident in its quality, in fact, that the brand offers a Lifetime Warranty Guarantee for all of its tools. This mini iron is a professional, salon-grade straightener that has an infusion of different materials in its plates to give you a flawless experience, no matter your hair type.

The plates have black tourmaline gemstones infused to provide even heating and a silky hair texture. When heat-activated, black tourmaline gemstones emit negative ions that counteract the positive ions in dry or damaged hair. So when you style, you’re left with a no-frizz silky smooth result. On top of that, the iron also uses ionic technology to eliminate frizz and fly-aways and leave your hair shiny.

The straightener also has OnePass floating plates to reduce stress on hair and eliminate breakage. According to Glister, OnePass plates emit far infrared energy, which breaks down water clusters on the hair’s surface into smaller molecules that allow heat to penetrate faster. With OnePass technology, it allows Glister tools to straighten hair in a fraction of the time compared to traditional irons, minimizing the heat damage.

The mini straightener heats up to 400° F, and has worldwide voltage that works everywhere. Which is a must for travelers. It's also only nine inches long and weighs half a pound. But the compact design isn't just great for your carry-on. You can easily tuck this straightener into your gym bag and touch up your hair before you leave. Or you can put it in your work bag and spruce up your hair before you step out for happy hour. It has a world of possibilities. And none of them include detonating in your hand.

The Mini Adventurist also comes with a cute travel pouch, with a pattern that was inspired with avant-garde design, tropical undertones, and the freedom of abstract expression.

The flat iron also comes in a series of fun colors, allowing you to choose between champagne, flamingo, sangria, savage (an olive green,) and ultraviolet. For those looking for an uneventful, explosion-free hair styling experience, the Mini Adventurist has you covered.