These Glitter Highlighters Are Totally Mermaid-Friendly

Just when you thought megawatt highlighters couldn't possibly shine any brighter, there's a new product out there that totally shatters the strobing glass ceiling. Brought to us by a company dedicated to all things shimmer, Glitter Injections' BlindinGlow glitter highlighters are totally insane, and totally amazing. They're perfect for — dare I say — channeling your inner unicorn.

The marbled cream highlighter pots come in five different shades, but they're all just as eye-catching as the others. And let's be clear here: This is not a subtle glitter that catches your eye when the light is just so. BlindinGlow highlighters are super pigmented and seriously glittery, so there's no missing it. The description even notes that a little goes a long way, so start slow.

The set is available to shop now on Glitter Injections' website for $88. It includes all five shades: iridescent gold, purple, green, pink, and blue. Or, you can buy them individually for $20 each. (Fair warning: If you any interest in glitter whatsoever, their website could be very, very dangerous.)

Here's a look at what the five shades look like on actual skin. The word "highlight" doesn't even do them justice – let's go with "glitterlight."

They're even more stunning in action.

Oh, and did I mention they're also water resistant? Ooh, ahh...

Forget unicorns – with this much under-the-sea potential, these are mermaid highlighters.